Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sunset Beach ~ My Favorite Week!

Let's just start by saying this girl finally took off and really started walking on vacation! The beach will do that to you! And apparently both of my children like to learn to walk at 14 months! Go Maddie bug!!


My favorite and most looked forward to week of the year is our beach week. It's a long drive, but totally worth it in my opinion. This year was a little different, my dad's side of the family joined us this year and it was probably my most favorite week to date!


We had 15 people in one house and aside from Maddie possibly disrupting some of their sleep it was a wonderful week! We had great weather, good company, yummy food and the drinks πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ, overall it was a success. Although, I am sure some others that had a 14 hour car ride may disagree πŸ™ˆ, but hopefully the drinks helped with that! 


On Saturday when we got there we took the kids to the ocean and at first when I put Maddies feet in the sand she instantly lifted them and shook her head no. I moved closer to the water and put them in the wet sand and she said no but didn't lift them. The water came up and on her little feet and then the next thing we knew she was sitting in the water splashing. Within just a few minutes she was crawling towards the ocean. She LOVED the beach! As did all the kiddos! ❤️




This year we were on vacation for Ryan's 33rd birthday! It was so fun to celebrate with everyone (and not at another 311 concertπŸ˜‰). We spent the day at the beach and then headed to Myrtle Beach for dinner at Mellow Mushroom where Maddie decided to wear her Mac and cheese as a hat. Seriously, she smelled so gross even after being wiped down after dinner. I spent the evening carrying her around at the Pelicans game and we were literally swarmed with gnats the entire time. Unfortunately a storm came and ruined our party around the 5th inning. Thankfully we were there long enough to see the Jumbotron birthday announcement thanks to Brett and Brittany!  


Oops...I enjoyed staring at the birthday boyπŸ™Š




A few more highlights from the week. 

-The guys golfed a few times. I know Ryan was estatic to finally have people to golf with on those Carolina golf courses! (We beached awhile!)


-I kayaked for the first time! Myself, Brett and Jane did a 2 hour tour and it was so fun and relaxing to be out on the water!



-The dinners each night were delicious! 


-We went to a gator watch area and saw quite a few. They weren't teeny tiny either. 



-Maddie didn't sleep the best, but the result of it was having 2 peaceful mornings on the beach with her. Both of which resulted in her sitting in the water in her pajamas.  

-I worked out once and then spent the rest of the week consuming delicious donuts, ice cream and all the frozen drinks. πŸ™ˆ Calabash creamery. Enough said. 



-Broadway at the Beach is always a fun night out! Everyone went to dinner and then we took the kiddos on rides all night!







-It was a lot of fun to spend the time with the family. And, I could live at the beach. Seriously, I could live there!