Monday, May 14, 2018

Dear Madelyn ~ T W O

Dear Madelyn,

T W O.
It seems like yesterday we were just finding out we were having a little girl! Now, here we are in a quick blink, and we have a 2 year old. You are without a doubt our little sour patch kid. You throw some INSANE tantrums, and then the next minute you can be giving us a hug and telling us, "lob you". You are a whole lot of feisty and sass (toss in stubborn and independent too) mixed with delicious and sweet.  
You have learned so much and continue to impress us everyday. You are starting to recognize letters, you spot "M", "N" and "A" with no problem. You are mastering your colors and working on shapes! You love books, and you enjoy destroying them too, "destructor" is what we call you. Your favorite books are lift flap books, but let’s be real there are not too many lift flaps left on them. You have daddy read you 'Where's Spot?' and 'Spot's First Christmas' e v e r y.  s i n g l e.  n i g h t.  

You sleep with a million stuffed animals, but piggy is by far the most loved by you. You snuggle piggy and chew on the tail. Aunt JoJo gave you piggy for your first birthday! You are a lover of Elmo, Poppy, Mickey and Minnie, Paw Patrol, Princesses and most recently, Peppa Pig! You and Nolan have made it a routine to wake up every morning and sit on the couch drinking milk and fighting over who gets to pick which show to watch. You do not back down to Nolan either. Instead the two of you just prefer to see who can be the loudest.   

You used to eat everything. You were very easy when it came to food. Now, you are a little lot more opinionated and you are not afraid to throw a plate or bowl back in our faces if it is not what you want. You, like your brother are a lover of mac and cheese. You also love all fruit, a good amount of veggies, yogurt and can throw down a bowl of chili. You love rice and have taste buds like your father when it comes to spicy food. If you had your way though you would just eat a million snacks.   

You have peed on the potty once and pooped on the potty twice! That is something to celebrate! You have such an interest in the potty and you are more ready than your daddy and I are to actually train you. That will be daddy's job this summer! ;)  
You are strong willed. Holy F you are strong willed. You are so independent, which is good, but for the love of God we are trying to help! You want to open doors on your own (that you can't even reach) and put the lid on your sippy cups, put on your own diapers and help with everyyyythinggg. Awhile I do appreciate it and know it is a awesome trait to have, at 2 years old it requires a whole lot of patience on our end. You test us, girlfriend. And when you don't get your way, you are quick to hit the floor in a full blown cry (I am just going to note here that your brother NEVER did this, and I never believed that kids truly did act that way, but you proved us wrong with that one!). You aren’t afraid to cause a scene.   

When you aren't throwing yourself on the floor ;) you are usually playing toys, trying to keep up with your brother, singing and dancing or coloring. You LOVE to color and sing. You learn the words to songs so quickly. You can belt some Katy Perry, Trolls soundtrack or your most recent favorite, Thunder by Imagine Dragons. You sing it like it is no one's business. Lately, you also love singing Moana and my favorite to hear you sing is, Tarzan's, "You'll be in my heart" by Phil Collins. It's darling. 

We used to have you in My Gym classes because you are part monkey, but at daycare you escaped out of your crib and landed yourself in a cast. You were in the cast for almost a full month with a fractured elbow. After 2 follow up appointments we are happy to report that your little elbow has fully heeled and no more appointments are needed!  

No more “boo boo” arm!

And my little moo moo, at 2 years old you stand 33.3 inches tall at  33% and weight in at 23 lbs 12 oz, 14%. You are a tiny little peanut, but have a whole lot of feisty to you! 

All in all, you are perfect. We are so lucky to call you ours. You bring so many smiles to our faces daily. You are funny! You make us laugh and truly brighten all our days. You can turn on the charm and love to give us hugs and kisses. Everyone told me and I honestly thought I would have a house full of boys, but my goodness I am lucky to have a little princess. You complete us baby girl! 

WE LOVE YOU! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗