Monday, October 29, 2012


This weekend was Nolan's baptism. It was a perfect day and he is loved and adored by so many. We had family from out of town make the trip to see him and share in the celebration. Leading up to this weekend Nolan had a fabulous week at daycare and Ms. Ginnie's! He finally rolled over for Ms. Ginnie and was full of his squeals.

Rolling over for Ms. Ginnie!
My sister, Alaina came over on Saturday and helped me with running around to the stores to pick up some last minute things we needed for the baptism. She was also with me when I picked up my awesome (insert sarcasm) cake. I was not pleased with it at all, but at least it tasted good. I sent an email to the bakery and they were nice enough to respond that I am able to get a gift certificate for a cake of the same value. At least Nolan's first birthday cake is paid for, but the question is will they get the order right?? Anyways, Alaina was more than a huge help. She not only ran around with me, entertained Nolan and helped bake cupcakes, along with making her famous spinach dip. She also got Nolan a beautiful cross that we had blessed at the church on Sunday for his bedroom. She is such a great godmommy! I love you sissy boo and am SO thankful for you!

Cuddles with his Auntie!

Saturday my brother and his kiddies came over for a little bit. We got to meet his "friend" (as he puts it), Lisa. She was super nice and a huge upgrade from his past. I really hope he keeps her around! My brother was also a very huge help in prepping for the baptism. He contributed delicious food that went very quickly on Sunday.

On Saturday, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Mark and Aunt JoAnne all came down from PA to spend the day helping us prepare for Nol Nol's baptism. They were a huge help and the evening was followed with a delicious steak dinner! Of all the food we served on Sunday, I really don't feel like I made any of it! Everyone was so helpful. I am wondering what I spent Saturday doing because as much as I feel I was running around, I really have no idea... :-/

Saturday Nolan even got to show off his newly learned skill of sitting on his own. He also showed everyone how well he can roll over, and how ticklish he is. :)

Sunday was Nolan's baptism. We are so thankful for all the family and friends that came and shared the day with him. Especially to have ventured out knowing that hurricane Sandy was on her way. The weather held off and we had a great day for Nolie. Although my dad was at home because he was sick we know that he missed not getting to be there for Nol's baptism. I hope you are feeling better Pop Pop! We love you!!

It is events like this, where we have all the family and friends come together that I really, really, really miss my mom. I hate you cancer. She was always the life of the party and not having her physically with us at these things really makes me sad. I know that she is still here with us and watching over all of us. If only she was able to hold my little boy just once. Don't worry though, Nolan James is going to know his grammy! That is something you can count on.

Thanks to hurricane Sandy, there is no work today or tomorrow! Stay safe everyone and enjoy the extra family time.

Nolan spent the day with Quinn on Friday! Thanks to Ms. Susy for taking care of Nolie!

Oh dear, the cake... just a little off center, right? Carol came to the rescue and gave me these sugar flowers to take away from the off center cross!

Two of the most adorable girls I know, Taylor and Kendal with Nol Nol! :)

Dylan looking like a pro at this, with Callie! Can't wait for March when they become parents!!

Dylan is thinking, stop with the pictures and take back your baby already!

Me and my boy!

Alaina and I made these cupcakes :) I think we should start a business, just saying!

With Nolan's godparents :)

Our little family <3

Te he!

I love kissing this face.

So big!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apple & pumpkin picking!

Oh this little boy just gets cuter every minute! His laughs are more like high pitch squealing. I think I say this in every post, but Nolan is seriously just the happiest little baby! This is why I now want 4 children. Yes, they won't all be as good as Nolan, but I am up for the challenge. just get Ryan on board with the same plan...

This past weekend we got to see a lot of friends! Friday evening we met Brent, Kim and little Colby for dinner. We went to a place called Squisito, delicious. Both Nolan and Colby were perfect angels at dinner. After dinner we grabbed some cold stone and came back to our house. The boys played for awhile before bedtime. It was a fun, relaxing evening!

Brent, what did Nolan do to you???

Ok, your buddies again! :)

On Saturday my sister and I went to Larriland Farm to pick apples and pumpkins. Nolan came with, of course! This is now and will forever be a tradition we will do every year!! He slept the whole car ride to the farm and home, but was awake for the fun in between. He crinkled leaves and reached for apples. He has his first pumpkin which I hope to carve at some point this week. I saw a pumpkin on pinterest and really want to do it with Nolan! We will see if I get around to it. Whenever Alaina and I are together we try to prop Nolie up for all kinds of pictures.

Me and my boy :)

Picking his first apple!
Although he didn't actually pick it, but it sure looks like he is about too!

Staging a picture of Nol Nol with an apple

Pumpkin Patch!

Aunt Lainy and lil Nolie!

Me and Nol picking pumpkins!
I am the horrible mother that had my child in the pumpkin patch and did not have my diaper bag with me. We decided it was smart to keep it in the car and yup, he had a blowout...awesome!

Saturday night we went to Dylan and Callie's house for dinner. They started back up our monthly dinner dates after months off of us all being super busy. Hopefully we will keep them up better this time! At the dinner Nol got to hangout with his gf, Quinn. She was as cute as can be giving him kisses and making sure he had his toys and pacifier. :)
Nolan is excited that Dylan and Callie are expecting!

Sunday was a big night! Nolan James sat on his own! Although it was only a few seconds before he would start to tip..he still did it! I tried to get a picture before we were getting ready for bed, but he was too hungry and cranky to be happy about what he was doing. Anyways, he can sit! It counts in our book!! Yay Nolan!!!
but I am not happythat you are making me do this ma!"

 This weekend we have Nolan's baptism! He is going to look so handsome in his little white baby suit!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



This week was my birthday! I received my first mommy card from Nolan and he did an excellent job picking out my birthday gift. I got a Keurig!! This was very thoughtful of the munchkin considering that I now function on coffee whereas before Nolan would only have a cup every once and awhile. Once and awhile meaning maybe once a month..not once a day! Oh well, I love it!

On my birthday I worked a half day and then picked up the boy to have an afternoon full of play and snuggles! When Ry got home we went out for a senior citizens dinner. I say that because it was around 5pm, and we were pretty much the only ones in the restaurant. The host actually told us to "enjoy our lunch", ha! We were early, but not thatttt early. My, how birthdays have changed! :) We enjoyed our early bird meal at red robin and got home in plenty of time to play with Nol Nol, give him a bath and do his bedtime routine which had him asleep by 8pm. Successful birthday indeed, and that night Ry surprised me with my favorite cake, ice cream cake!! Anddd lets not forget, that night the orioles won game 4 of the ALDS playoffs! (Unfortunately the lost game 5) :(

Friday night we went to the aquarium. I am the brilliant one who decided to buy tickets without looking at the playoff schedule. Our tickets were for 5:15pm entrance to the Baltimore Aquarium. Game 5 was at 5:07pm....oops! For those of you that don't know this already, the aquarium has a Friday after 5pm deal and tickets are only $12 for adults!!! That is such a great deal, I think they are almost $30 any other time. Nolan likes loves looking through the tanks at all the different fish. I know what we will be doing throughout the winter! Also, in case you were wondering..yes, we came home to watch the end of the baseball game. It was not the result we wanted though...

 Nolan would follow the fish and turtles in the tanks!

On Saturday night we went to a Japanese steakhouse with 2 of my favorite pregnant couples! I am so excited to say that in addition to Aun & Anth and Jamie & Matt, Callie &Dylan are expecting their first child on March 26th! I could not be more excited for them and I am so excited for the massive amount of baby play dates that are in our future!

Today Nolan had his 4 month checkup and although I am so sad to have had to miss it, I love hearing his baby stats! Nolan is currently measuring 26.8 inches tall (91%) and weighs 14 lbs, 12 ozs (23%). I was a little alarmed when I saw his weight was so low, but the pediatrician said that he is a healthy little boy and there isn't anything to be worried about. He doesn't look like a skinny mini, but apparently he is! Tonight we also met our friends, Stephanie and Steven at Ledo's for a delicious dinner. Steven got to meet Nolan for the first time and Stephanie got her cuddles! Nolan was a little cranky from having shots earlier and missing his afternoon nap, but he still had us all smiling as we watched him yawn (a lot) and coo. :)

Orioles Magic! Such an amazing season!

I am in love with this picture. My little man just chillin' at Ms. Ginnies!

Nolan hanging out with his cousin, William!

Full concentration on the discovery of his toes!
Big boy holding his own bottle!

Aunt Barb may be in California, but Nolan still shows his love!

Laying on the table at his 4 month checkup and still happy, even after having 2 shots!

Nolan with Stephanie and Steven! Nolan was a little bit exhausted ;)