Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Fun

Time to play catch up!

These past few months were spent doing all things fall ~pumpkin patches, hayrides, fall festivals, apple cider and trick-or-treating. We kept super busy and before we knew it October had ended!

Very early September we went to Clark's Farm with all our besties and I document this as the best day ever! :)

They all LOVED the Dino park and I think their favorite part was just screaming at the top of their lungs and giggling together! 

Nolan completed a 6 week soccer class, again with his besties and the sweetest little baby fans! :) The last class all the kids had to run up and score a goal and then they got a little certificate and t-shirt. My child cried. Poor kid hates to be looked at and is officially shier than I was as a child. 

Nolan has been rocking preschool! It started out as an adjustment, but the kid LOVES it!!! He sings songs from school all evening long, plays school and now wants to be a teacher (in addition to a baseball player and a firefighter!).

 ...and we survived our first back to school night!

We visited Summer's Farm for the first time with the Kennedy's in September and the weather was perfect. Nolan had a blast playing with all of the fun games. The highlight of the golf! Nolan was in his glory!

 Then I turned 30 and we spend the morning at a farm (surprise, surprise!). We went back to Clark's Farm and fed the goats and enjoyed the nice weather!

We loved Summers Farm so much that we went back with the Hastings family and literally froze. Seriously, coldest. day. ever. Although it was freezing, I think the kiddos still had a good time!

Nolan had his first fall festival and truck-or-treat at his school! Aunt Lainy brought Nolan's cousins and the Ainsworth's came because Lily might come to Nolan's preschool next year (fingers crossed!). We had a fun day playing games, trick-or-treating and seeing Nolan get excited to see his school friends!

Of course, it wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't carve pumpkins! Ry asked Nolie what he wanted the pumpkin to look like. They worked together to make a "scary pumpkin" that incorporated the letters for Nol. Job well done!

You would think we would have been sick of fall festivals and Halloween all together, but I was happy to see that Nolan's costume was really being put to good use! Nolan had fun at mommy's work participating in the Fall Spooktacular!

My heart <3

Oh dear, then Nolan had his school costume parade. Let's just say, he HATED being looked at and cried the second he saw me. I don't have high hopes for Nolan's Christmas concert. I do however have the most adorable picture of Nolan with his class in their costumes and he was cheesing. I am happy he had fun at his class party and at least the tears only came during the parade. 

Halloween morning we did the Halloween fun run!! It was great to have Nolan burn off energy and want to get rest before trick-or-treating that night! Thankfully, the fun run resorted to a great nap and mama was able to get the house cleaned and didn't have to listen to "is it time to trick-or-teat yet?". 

And then, Halloween was finally here!!! I love, love, love our Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating with our besties! They come over, we have dinner, go out trick-or-treating, then eat candy and the kids become delirious. It is perfect. The costumes were great, Peter Pan, Superheros and Ninja Turtle themed and we were shocked to see how well the kiddos rocked their picture taking this year! They are growing up!!

 And what a way to end this super long post than with that extra sweet baby smile on little Miss Hazel!!! :)