Thursday, March 27, 2014

Road trip

Last Saturday Alaina and I went to Pennsylvania for the day with the cutest almost 2-year-old in tow. We were headed there to celebrate our cousin's baby shower. We brought the portable DVD player, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Nolan's favorite kids song CD and were good to go. Little boy was an angel the entire car ride. I was hoping he would take his nap on the way there so that he would not be cranky during the shower. He fell asleep when we were 30 minutes from our destination.

I am pretty sure this cd has taught Nolan every children's song!
First donut ever.

Even though he didn't have a proper nap, he was still so well behaved! Nolan sat and played with his trains and books awhile Jane opened all of her adorable baby gifts. He did manage to "sneak" a few mini Reese's peanut butter cups and jelly beans, but we won't tell Daddy about that. He was so well behaved he deserved the sweet treat. After the gifts were opened, Nolan decided it was time to ham it up some more and sang a few songs. There was another baby, Cam, who was about 6 or so months and he would stare mesmerized at Nolan when he would sing. It was so cute!

I can't believe I have a child who is now old enough to sing to babies. When did this happen?

When we left the shower we stopped for some dinner with Aunt Peggy before heading back home. For as tired as Nolan was, he did great at dinner. I will confess during the end of the baby shower and end of dinner I gave in and let Nolan have his pacifier. He is used to a 2.5 hour nap, and I did not want to see the meltdown that would probably have been had if I didn't cave. So, he happily sat with his "mami" and as much as it pained me because we limit it to naps and bedtime, I let it happen.

Before we headed back to Maryland, we stopped at Aunt Peggy's to get Nolan in his pajamas. I am not sure how long we stayed, but Nolan was not ready to leave. He was having so much fun playing fetch with their dog, Carter. He was cracking up, yelling "Carter, drop it" and pretty much had his 25th whim of energy. Needless to say, the car ride home was quiet. Nolan was handed a sippy cup of milk and after that I don't think we heard a peep.

When we got home, the transition from the car to the crib was petty successful. He woke up for maybe 30 seconds when I changed his diaper, but I think he was too exhausted to fight it and went right back to sleep.

Overall, we had a wonderful day spending time with and celebrating the mommy-to-be, Jane, Aunt Peggy, Aunt JoJo, cousin Robin and the daddy-to-be, my cousin Jason among many others. We also got to see the gender reveal! The cupcake was.....PINK! It's a GIRL!! We couldn't be happier to meet our newest little cousin this May!

I am so happy Nolie was well behaved and can't wait to go back up there and spend more than just one day.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is winter over?

All the nice weather has been keeping us very busy and is the reason I have been slacking on blogging. This weather is such a tease though. I am so ready for other words, NO MORE SNOWWW!! I am ready to change the wardrobe. I was going through all of Nolan's clothes the other day and I am so excited to get him in his shorts and t-shirts. I also realized that I am great at stocking up on clothes for the next season. I have so many little outfits for Nolan to wear this summer that I got on sale at the end of summer last year. I have also been stocking up on winter deals for next year. I can't pass up a good deal.

Anyways, my hubby and sister just left to go see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Power Plant. I am parked on the couch awhile Nolie is upstairs sleeping. I thought Ryan got his fix this afternoon, but apparently not. He is lucky to have a great sis-in-law to go with him! Anyways, today we met Dylan, Callie and Cader at Port Discovery today and then ate lunch at Power Plant and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones were doing their sound check. Ryan was in his glory. Him and Nolan met the lead singer, who actually was very sweet and held Nolan for 1/2 a second before Nolan screamed a stranger-danger screaming cry. It was Nolan's nap time to his defense, but I think he would have cried regardless. Anyways, Ryan was so excited and it was adorable. Now, I am happily sitting at home and he is going to the show. I am not a big concert goes, at all. That explains why in 10 years Ryan and I have gone to 1 concert together and it was just back in November. My sister loves the Bosstones though, so we are all happy here!

Ryan was so happy!
Nolan had a very busy day today. We started off at My Gym, then to Port Discovery and lunch. Little boy fell asleep in the car on our way to go watch jump rope and stayed asleep a good bit of the time we were there. He finally woke up and watched some of the show awhile Mommy worked, and then he came home played baseball outside, took a walk to the grocery store and is now sound asleep. That is a very busy day for a little boy. I hope he sleeps in tomorrow.

And I would appreciate if everyone says a little prayer that we do NOT get any more snow. Please, please, please.

Now a pile of pictures...