Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Mother's Day

I had a fantastic Mother’s Day.
On Saturday evening the three of us picked up chic-fil-a and went to Fed Hill for the evening. We played on the playground, ate dinner and watched the boats. At one point during the evening, Nolan stopped playing, looked at Ryan and I and shouted, “We’re having fun!” with the biggest smile on his face. It was so adorable I melted into a puddle. We finished the evening with a trip to yogi castle, and I taught Nols to say froyo. He enjoyed saying it and pouring sprinkles on it, but refused to try it.

Saturday morning HCRP sports class!
Nolan's teachers brought flowers for the kids in class to give to their mommy! :)
These two. <3
Ok, I know Saturday was not Mother’s Day, but it just added to how perfect our weekend together was. For me, Mother’s Day is both a happy day and a sad day. Keeping busy and having distractions are helpful.  I love more than anything that I am Nolan’s mommy, but it pains me more than anything that my mom is no longer here. I wish so badly she could have met my son. Even though she is not here with us, I know she is watching over us, protecting us and is proud of us. The month of May is hard on my family. There is Mother’s Day, and then on Saturday it is my mom’s birthday. She is on my mind all the time, but around this time she is on it even more. My mom was a beautiful woman.
So how did I keep busy on Sunday?
My amazing husband and handsome little guy made me breakfast in bed. Breakfast was followed up with news that softball was not cancelled. (C’mon commish! –Yes, Ryan is the softball commissioner) So we made our way to the softball field and I was given good luck kisses from Nolie before each at bat. After softball, we went to the Orioles game and treated Ryan’s parents to the game. Nolan lasted 7 innings before declaring, “all done baseball game”. He chanted “Let’s Go O’s” and loved watching everything that popped up on the jumbotron. When we got to the car Nolan fell asleep within 3 minutes in the car. Our evening was calm. We played at home and I smiled in awe at how lucky I am to have my boys.
Nolan saying cheese with PB&J in his mouth.
The boy loves baseball! <3
Basically, what I am saying is, I had a perfect day.