Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Break

I don't get a lovely spring break like my hubby. In fact, I just got Good Friday back as a holiday this year. I decided to take the Thursday prior to Good Friday off to extend the weekend. We originally planned to go to PA to visit family for the night, but we were unable to lock down dog sitters.

Wednesday evening Nolan had his very first trip to Chuck E Cheese. The kid loved it! We went with the Kennedy family to have a belated birthday celebration for Colby. Aside from actually seeing Chuck E Cheese walking around Nolan had a blast. We got what we thought was far too many tokens for the boys, but Nols was quick to burn through them playing games and riding the rides. He loved getting tickets and was very excited when we told him he can get prizes with his tickets. I can't believe I am saying this, but going on a weekday really isn't that bad and I can see us going back again soon.

Thursday was spent at Sky Zone jumping all over the place with Quinn, Harper and Lily. We followed up all the jumping with a lunch date with the Hastings. Next stop was Pop Pop's house to make Easter cakes and dye Easter eggs with Nolan's cousins. Nolan had so much fun dying and decorating eggs. He was really into it this year. 

...and then we bought a Bruno Mars hat.

We had to rest up after all of that because Friday morning we loaded up the car and myself, Ryan, Nolan, Aunt Lainy, Hayden and Lincoln all went to Hershey Park. On our way we discovered that our last trip to Hershey which I thought was about 4 years ago turned out to be 8 years ago. Holy crap...I wasn't close at all with my guess. Hershey has so many rides now! It was the perfect day. The kids were all angels and loved the rides. Poor Hayden was a bit too short to ride some of the roller coasters so we promised them another trip back once she goes 3 more inches. There was about an hour of rain in our day which resulted in arcade games and ice cream cones. Once the rain had finally stopped the park was empty! It was a blast! No lines makes for very happy kiddos. We were able to stay on rides and ride them multiple times. Never before have I been able to walk straight onto a ride car for the Hershey tour and we did just that. Seriously, it was so worth the hour of rain! We ended the day eating dinner at 9pm at the Red Robin directly across from the park. The tired, hungry kids were still angels and extra happy to get a balloon for the car ride home. They all fell asleep within the first 15 minutes of our drive did I.

Nolan sound asleep on the way home with his new Hershey kiss he picked out and named "kiss myself so pretty" --courtesy of Bruno Mars ;) 

Saturday was Kids Fest and we had every intention of having Nolan participate in the egg hunt, but the little boy was exhausted. We stayed for a little bit and Nolan played a few games, but the child was more interested in eating lunch and going home to take a nap. On this day, we ALL ended up taking a family nap together. Perfect way to top off the past few insanely busy days.

Easter Sunday was spent at my dad's house. We had a small family Easter this year and although I was very bummed my brother, Tiana and the kids weren't there, I was very happy that my bestie, Aun and her family came to partake in the day with us. We did a massive scavenger hunt for the kids and they found every last egg. The weather was perfect and everyone just ran around and played outside all day long. I was also obsessed with how adorable the kids outfits were, seriously adorable.
Going back to work on Monday was very difficult because that was just the beginning of Ry's spring break. I really can't complain though because my time off of work was well spent, super busy and full of fun. In those 4 days I took so many pictures and it was one of those, I wish I could freeze time, moments.

Happy Easter, Nolan! 

Check out all the creativity! :)

The stand off followed by a "no, that's my daddy!" shout war!

~ Happy Easter 2015 ~