Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dear Madelyn ~ 10 months

Dear Buggy,

Happy 10 months sweet girl!! Time really needs to slow down because I want you to stay my itty bitty baby forever!!

You continue to be the opposite of your brother in pretty much every way. You LOVE food, you eat everything. Seriously, everything. You put everything in your mouth. Unlike Nolan who has always refused to even put food in his mouth, you enjoy trying out each of your toys, socks, pretty much anything in sight. 


You love to climb on everything. Your new favorite thing to do is to climb up onto the base of your exersaucer with a ball and sit there and play. You are turning into a little ball of personality. You crack up at the simplest things. You love to be heard and make sure of it. You ham it up and cheese and wave hi to everyone. You love to blow kisses. You are starting to stand up and let go and stand on your own. You are growing way too fast sweet girl. 



Nolan continues to be your best friend. He gets super excited to play with you and give you hugs. You are starting to push him away when he smothers you in kisses. He can be overbearing with his love for you, but for the most part you happily accept his hugs and kisses. 


In the morning Nolan likes to go in and wake you up. He will climb into your crib and rub your back and tell you it's time to get up softly. Of course, there are some mornings that you are up before him and then he's sad he didn't get to wake you up. 


I can't believe in 2 months you will be 1! I have no idea how this year has gone by so fast. I also have no idea how I am surviving daily on little sleep. Maybe by 1 you will start sleeping through the night. Maybe. 


Oh, and I officially stopped pumping at work this past week. I think I have a large enough stash to make it a year and plan to continue to nurse you until you self ween! :) I can honestly say I am so happy to be done with pumping though! And am so shocked at how differently this has been the 2nd time around. Anyways, Woohoo!! 

I love you so much sweet baby!