Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day before Valentine's day we had a snow day. Nolan went sledding for the very first time and he absolutely loved it. I wish we had a saucer to use, but the sled we had worked well.

On Friday, Valentine's day, Nolan and Ryan were home , but I went back to work. Before I went to work I took this picture,

Watching them go sledding made it difficult to leave, but I finally did.

Nolan recieved some Valentine's day presents and loved them! We gave him a teddy bear that he now always carries around with him and sleeps with. It is adorable!

We spent our Valentine's evening at the mall. We went to Sears to shop around for a new refridgerator because ours broke. (We ended up scoring a great deal at Best Buy after shopping around all weekend!) Nolan rode the carousel for the first (and second) time and we even had to buy our little rugrat a new outfit because within 2 seconds of getting to the mall Nolan had decided to dump his water all over him. Literally, his entire sippy cup was in his lap. He was dripping wet. So his "I choo choo choose you valentine" shirt was taken off, but that's ok even though he didn't have a little valentines outfit on anymore he always looks cute! :)
I don't know why Ryan's picture taking skils are slacking so much.
Lastly, a major thank you to Aunt Lainy for spending the day with Nols on Saturday so that we could go to Lowe's, Home Depot, Harper's Appliances and Best Buy to shop around the best deal! It literally took us all day to decide, but we found a new refridgerator and it is being delivered on Thursday!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Nolan ~ 20 Months

Dear Nolan,
I blinked and you turned into a little boy. The sweetest, most lovable, curious little boy.
In this past month you had a love-hate relationship with bath time. Your latest happenings include a 3 week period of deciding to hate the bathtub. That is right, you went from having a love of playing in the tub to the point where you would still be sitting, playing in the bath and we would have to drain the water to get you out. So of course, I turned to ‘google’ (I seriously need to stop googling everything.) and discovered that it is normal. According to my “research” some children your age go through a period of hating baths because you become more aware of the bathtub drain and you feel as though you might get sucked down it. Since we used to drain the tub awhile you were still sitting in it I immediately diagnosed this as the cause. So, after 3 long weeks of you even hearing the word bath and running away, crying screaming bloody murder and having to quick wash and out we have hopefully reached the breaking point.
We took you to the swimming pool the other day (with your buddy, Colby!) and we really didn’t expect much since the whole bath time debacle has been going on, but you surprised us. You loved the swimming pool! That night, bath time was upon us and so I put my feet on the edge of the tub (just like at the pool) and you played! Now, we are back at the point of having to pry you and your pruned fingers and toes out of the bathtub again. Of course, we do NOT drain the bathtub until you are out though. Your daddy thinks I am ridiculous, but I am sticking to my stellar research on this one.
The next topic of discussion, your love for cheeses all things dairy, also known as constipation to the max. Dear child, I know you are a picky eater. I get it because I am too (Crap! Is this is my fault?), but you have to eat a wider variety. No, scratch that…you have to eat food. I started making you popsicles which you seem to like. I fill them with fruits and veggies and offer them to you daily. Your daddy and I have a few other ideas of how we are going to mix some veggies into your diet, but being that you are far too aware of what is going on I don’t even know if this will work.
Your favorite things to play are anything with a ball, “cooking” (playing with your kitchen), coloring, reading books, cars/trains and doing puzzles. You have started to sing songs! You attempt the ‘ABC’s’, ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’, ‘rain, rain go away’, ‘happy birthday’ and ‘zip a dee doo dah’. Hearing you sing may be the cutest thing ever. You do not like to dance. You would rather jump around and play than dance. When we are at My Gym and it’s the dancing portion during the warm up we normally have to carry you because you refuse to walk and dance. You like dancing in our arms though.
One of my favorite things, you copy us so when we say stuff like “good night, stinker” or “I love you honey bunny” you will normally call us a stinker and honey bunny too! It is adorable.
Lastly, I love how proud of yourself you get. When you do something like cleaning up or even scoring a basket in your basketball hoop you shout, “I did it!” You also like to have us "watch this, mommy!" when you get ready to do something.
You are at the point where we can have conversations with you and it is so much fun. When I leave work I call both you and daddy and I love getting to talk to you about your day. Normally you tell me that you colored with Emma. Surprisingly, on days with Aunt Ginnie you have magically colored with Emma too! You are a goofball and I love you to pieces.
Keep learning, laughing and growing my sweet, lovable, curious little boy.

This past month in photos:
Port Discovery fun with your buddy, Colby!

 A trip to the playground where we watched you master the slides!

Your obsession with My Gym!
 The trip to the swimming pool

Which resulted in a fun bath time!
 Mmm popsicles!
 Weren't we just at the playground?
 Pet store with Aunt Lainy, Hayden and Mommy!

 Aquarium trip with your girlfriends!

Just holding Mommy's leg watching the dolphin show :)

Orioles Fan Fest!

 Reading with Lincoln yesterday!
 And the latest, you found the Lucky Charms (yes we have Lucky Charms...) opened them up and were picking out the marshmallows.
 Still on a loving the bath steak!!!!!!!
I owe bath crayons and paint a lot of credit for why the bath is enjoyable again.