Saturday, February 23, 2013

Babies, babies, babies!!!

Welcome Harper Grace!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20th I didn't drive to work, I went straight to the hospital to await the arrival of Harper Grace! I was able to talk to my bestie, Aunnie all morning long as we all anticipated Harper's arrival and before making my way to the waiting room to await her arrival! Although, that day I had a dentist appointment at 1pm!!! We went to the waiting room close to noon because Harper was getting ready to meet the world and sure enough little Harper was born at 12:27! I had left the hospital for my appointment around 12:35, so I didn't end up getting to meet her until later that evening. A beautiful 7 pound 8 ounce baby girl was born and she is absolutely adorable. Both mommy and baby are doing great and I could not be prouder of how well Aun did! Harper, you are one lucky little girl and have an amazing mommy, daddy and big sister!

Welcome Harper Grace! 
7 lbs 8 ozs, 20 inches
Perfect. :)

Uncle Ry & Aunt Tessa meeting our newest niece!!

Love her! Nolie's newest GF!

Look how amazing Aun looks! 
Proud mama of her newest little bundle! 

Lita and her newest granddaughter! 

Today I threw a baby shower for my other bestie, Callie! Everything went perfectly (well almost, but we won't get into the minor drama that stood maybe 5 ft tall..loco!) anyways, Callie is glowing! This baby is so lucky to have such wonderful parents! Callie and Dylan are not finding out the baby's sex. I keep on trying to guess, but go back and forth. I can see them with both a boy and a girl. Either way, I know that baby is going to be so super cute and I can't wait for baby to be here so I can hold the little munchkin! 31 days and counting! Yay!!

31 days and counting! :)
Alaina and I made these cupcakes! 

 Opening Alaina's bouquet of baby onesies, burp clothes, mittens, etc! Super cute!!

Nolan got Baby S a puppy toy!

This picture is adorable!


I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of clothing I purchased for baby!

And a little Nolan update: Nolie is almost 9 months old. He can say "Mama" and "Dada". He is finally starting to crawl on his knees and will put himself to the sitting position. Nolan is starting to eat puffs and yogurt puffs. He knows how to play catch by rolling the ball back and forth to us. If we put something on top of his head he will shake it off. Still no teeth.

Nolan went with mommy to work at the MAC!

Mmm puffs!

The picture on the right cracks me up! 

Exhausted after Aunt Callie's baby shower! 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My little Valentine

This Valentine’s day I was lucky enough to have 2 valentines! The night before valentine’s day I was going upstairs to put Nolan in his PJs and turned on his lamp to see a beautiful vase of roses and when I turned around Ryan was there and said “Nolan, what did you do for mommy?!” He is good.

When I dropped off Nolan and Aunt Ginnie’s I received the most adorable Valentine ever. I absolutely LOVE the arts & crafts projects that they do! This Valentine is hanging on my cubicle at work right above my computer and constantly makes me smile.
Best Valentine Ever.

Nolie & David with their Valentine's!

Playing at Aunt Ginnie's on V-Day!

My sister was nice enough to offer to babysit on Valentine’s Day. Ok so this is really how the conversation earlier in the week went:

Alaina- “What are you guys doing on Thursday? I’ll babysit!”
Tessa- “What’s Thursday?”
Alaina- “Haha, it’s Valentine’s Day”

And so with that being said, we then took her up on her offer. Ryan made a reservation at Sabbatino’s (where we had our rehearsal dinner for or wedding) in Little Italy. At dinner we realized that was the first time we had been out to dinner just the two of us since Nolie was born. Our whole dinner pretty much consisted of talking about how adorable, awesome and smart our baby is. Then we walked over to Vaccarro’s and grabbed some dessert to take home.

Family and friends are the best distraction. On Saturday it marked 2 years since I lost my mom to cancer. This tough day was spent keeping busy and hanging out with the family. Kids heal the heart and are truly the best therapy. After a great morning at My Gym, we spent the evening at my dad’s house. My brothers kids were over and they are just hilarious. Hayden is obsessed with Nolan and was holding him and said to me, “I love having a baby cousin!” Adorable. My only wish is that my mom was here to see me as a mom and to hold my little boy. I know that she is smiling down and watching over us, but it kills me inside that she did not get to meet Nolan. I make sure to talk to Nolan about his Grammy. I am going to make sure that Nolan knows just how beautiful and amazing his Grammy was and that she loves him.

Nolan and Colby playing together at My Gym!
Someone likes the zipline!

They had a great time! :) 
Playing at Pop Pop's! 

Waking up on Sunday morning, we had no plans for the day. Ryan went off to the gym to play basketball and I was up playing with Nolan when I decided to pack up his pool bag and head to the gym as well. Nolan and I went swimming and I had SO. MUCH. FUN. Nolan was cracking up and babbling in the pool the whole time. He was obsessed with the rings and a rubber duck that we pack and brought with us. Nolan and I had the whole pool to ourselves (minus the lap lanes, but we weren’t going in those anyways!). When we got out of the pool and were leaving the pool ended up packed with kids. We left at perfect timing. I loved every bit of the pool date and am hoping to have the pool to ourselves again next Sunday!

Splashing in the pool :)

That evening we met up with the Kennedy’s at Red Robin. We are now a party of 6! The boys were sooo good at dinner. Colby was trying to share his cheerios with Nolan by putting them in his high chair but Nolan was oblivious to the situation. Colby did share a blueberry and Nolan seemed to enjoy it! The boys are still young enough that they don’t really pay any attention to each other, but I am sure they will be running around playing before we know it. Dinner was great and the boys were pretty content the entire time, good job munchkins! :)
Colby really wanted to share with Nolan! In the photo on the right he is placing his cheerios in Nol's high chair! 

Hello handsome blue-eyed baby boy!

Showing each other how they drink out of their sippy cups? 


 Our little families <3

Ryan and I were both off on Monday! Callie came over in the morning and we baked cookies for her baby shower which is this Saturday. They are going to be the favors and they turned out super cute. They also tasted delicious, (Callie, I may or may not have split one of the rocking horses with Ry.) but everyone needs to taste test before they give stuff out, right?

Bottles, onesies and rocking horse cookies! 

After Nolan’s afternoon nap, Grandma and Grandpa came over to hang out with Nolie for a little bit. He had a busy week full of family and friends, but I know his little smile was just what we all needed to see this weekend. :)
Having fun with Grandpa & Grandma!

Always & Forever My Beautiful Angel 
I love you and miss you so much mom