Sunday, January 8, 2017

Madelyn Ann ~ 8 months

Dear Maddie,

This past month has been SO much fun! We had your first flight, your first Christmas, first words and so much more! I already recapped our trip to Texas. We did all things Christmas and you were a little trooper through it all. I am pretty sure you had a solid 3 days in a row of not napping in your crib and not having your normal bedtime routine, but you smiled through it all. 


I will do an entire post on Christmas (at some point) but for now will say you loved playing with wrapping paper and I am pretty certain your favorite gift is a pink elephant ball popper that Santa brought you. 


You are a little chatter box. You LOVE to copy so whenever Nolan screams/yells something we hear a little echo of a scream out of you (it's cute for now).🤗 You can say "hi" and you love, love, love saying "dada". We have heard a few "mama" out of you lately though and my, oh my, I love it. If someone coughs you will copy and when we take a sip of water and do an exaggerated "ahhh" you will copy. 


You still love food which is seriously so exciting. Having an extremely picky eater in your brother makes your daddy and I so happy whenever you try something new and chow down on it. You also get so happy when we give you a sippy cup with water that you would think I don't feed you. You suck it down. 


We see a tiny bit of white popping through those gums. Your very first itty bitty tooth is making its appearance and it is resulting in some awful sleep. Hopefully we figure out the whole sleeping through the night thing again, soon. 


Bath time is still one of your most favorite times. You love to splash water all over the place. You are just starting to get crazy with pulling yourself up on things and now in your baby bath have started to try too. 😒 Another favorite of yours, playing ball. Especially football. You get SO excited for a football!


Speaking of pulling yourself up, the other night when you woke up you were sitting in your crib!! 😱 You have figured out how to pull yourself up from laying to sitting and now we officially need to lower your crib. You are trying so hard to crawl. You can move all over the place, mostly backwards or rotating in a circle, you have gone forwards in an army like crawl, but haven't quite figured it out yet. 


You are still very obsessed with your brother and he is so patient with you. He loves to give you hugs and kisses and tell you that he loves you. You are a lucky little lady to have him as your big brother. 


And sweetheart, we are so lucky to have you as our little girl. We love you to pieces. 

Happy 8 months, beautiful!