Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cheese! Not so much..

We got pictures done this week and I was so excited for them! Unfortunately, Nolan was not excited for them and he decided that he was not going to smile at all. This boy is ALWAYS so happy! When he was sick the boy would still smile and play, but when the camera was on him this week he just stared at it. We shook toys in front of him, tickled him and were smiling like crazy at him, but he was not amused. Regardless, I still love every picture I have seen thus far. A friend of my sister's from elementary and middle school, JoAnna took our pictures. She is an aspiring photographer and did a fantastic job. We are so thankful! I have already placed an order at Costco for blown up prints and want to make more canvas'. After all, two of the six that I made last time are hanging up in our house (sarcasm). We will eventually hang the others...I hope!

This week I also booked Nolan's baptism. We are going to have it at the end of October. It will only be a baptism, no mass. My husband was pretty set on this idea and I was willing to compromise being that he is compromising having him baptized.

I skipped out on our co-rec softball games this week and stayed home with baby boy awhile he finished getting over his cold. It was pretty much the best decision I could have made. Nolan and I had so much fun! He was giggling for me and we had bath time without daddy. I was a little hesitant at first, but figured I could do it on my own and I got to have all the after bath time cuddles to myself. When Ryan came home from softball, I felt like I actually looked like a natural. Nolan was bathed, fed and sound asleep. Yes, I was impressed with myself.

Our friend's Colleen and Jason had baby Brody on Friday afternoon! He is absolutely adorable and I am looking forward to meeting him. I am so excited about the amount of little friends Nolan has to play with! I love that so many of or friends are having babies and they will all be so close in age.

Dear Nolan,
You babble like crazy. You are nonstop talking in the car, but whenever you do stop and I look back to see what is wrong, you are usually sound asleep. When we sing "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" from the song Sexy and I Know It, you are all smiles. Daycare calls you a little flirt because you are always smiling at them. Tomorrow you turn 4 months.
We love you so much!

Some of the pictures from our little family photo shoot!

The only smile we got out of Nolan!

Even though he isn't smiling in the pictures, I still think he is as cute as can be, but I am allowed too think that! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Building immune system

Daycare is kicking Nolan's butt. His first week in daycare he developed a minor cold, but this weekend was pretty miserable for our little one.

Friday evening Nolan seemed good and healthy so we went to the Cary Williams radio show. Nolan got his picture taken with both Cary Williams and Arthur Jones on the Baltimore Ravens. He also got his first 2 autographs of both of them. They were so nice and Arthur Jones actually held Nolan and said how cute he is! Nolan also would not let go of Cary's headphones.

On Saturday Nolan woke up congested, but was still a happy baby. We had 2 birthday parties to attend on Saturday, my cousin's little girls birthday, Autumn turned 2 and my adorable niece Hayden turned 5. We also had another cousins daughter, Eliza's 1st birthday this weekend!

 Autumn's 2nd Birthday                         Hayden's 5th Birthday                             Eliza's 1st Birthday

Saturday night was pretty miserable. Nolan was too congested to sleep comfortably. We were up alot cuddling him and trying to get him to sleep. I think we may have gotten 4-5 hours of sleep? Maybe. On Sunday morning when Nolan woke up he felt warm so we took his temperature. Sure enough he had a fever, so I called the pediatrician immediately. His fever was so minor that we really can't do a single thing for him. Having a sick baby is pretty much the saddest thing ever. Nolan is silly though, even though he was not feeling well he still was all smiles when he was awake.

We took his temperature again this evening and it has already gone down some. Hopefully this cold runs its course and Nolan is feeling well in no time. Nolan can't go to daycare tomorrow since he had a fever today, so Ryan and I are both staying home from work tomorrow. Hopefully a trip to the pediatrician is not necessary.

This weekend has defintely been eventful and I am not only talking about Nolan not feeling well, but I will keep my mouth shut and refrain from sharing. This is my blog and I should be able to say whatever I wish, but I am trying to be a good person and really just say no more. :-x

On a silly note, my nephew, Lincoln is 4 years old and heard Nolan snoring because of his cold. Lincoln thought that Nolan was growling at him. Kids are too funny!

Hayden's daddy got her Uggs!
Watching the radio show

Amazed by the fish tank

Niece and nephew!

I love that Ryan is in this too!

Kendal & Nolan!

Taylor & Nolan!

Me & Nolie

This is just too cute!

tummy time when you don't feel well... my poor baby has cold #2 and he has only been in daycare for 1 month! I know that it is helping to build his immune system and I am enjoying the cuddles, but it is so sad to hear him all stuffed up.
Love you Nolan! I want you to feel better so badly!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


My blog got a makeover!!! Thank you to my bestie, Aun! Check out and follow her blog, My Attempt at Motherhood! The adorable little girl you will get to see pictures of is my goddaughter, Quinn. :)
Friday was a fun filled evening! We went to dinner with the Hastings and then back to their house so that Aun and I could bake cupcakes for Colleen's baby shower! She is having a little boy, Brody, in October! For the icing we made Betty's butter cream icing. It is amazing! I stumbled across her YouTube video about a year ago when making cupcakes for Callie's bridal shower and now I make this butter cream icing whenever we are making cupcakes for showers and parties. It's so simple and tastes delicious. The cupcakes turned out really cute for the baby shower, they were simple with blue icing and Aun made cute little polka dot flags to stick in them! I wish I had taken a picture of them.
(Cupcakes for Callie's bridal shower, Sept. 2011)
Making the cupcakes really got me in the mood to bake. Sunday evening after Nolan went to bed I decided to bake cupcakes as an excuse to use my cake decorating kit again. Awhile the cupcakes were in the oven, I whipped up a batch of Betty's. I decided to make the icing purple (Go Ravens!), then I decided to get really fancy and added sprinkles to the icing. Ok it really wasn't fancy, it was dumb. The sole purpose of sprinkles is for sprinkling over stuff, duh! So I added my now sprinkled butter cream to the cupcakes and apparently my cupcakes were not cooled all the way and the icing started to melt. Oops!
I swear Colleen's baby shower cupcakes were cute!
Ry was off work Monday and Tuesday and got to stay home with the boy. On Monday morning Ryan was spit up all over. On Tuesday afternoon Nolan was wearing a different outfit then when I left him that morning. This is because Nolan not only peed, but pooped everywhere …including all over Ryan. He’s such a good boy!  
This week has actually flown on by, and we have an extremely busy weekend full of birthday parties ahead.
Nolan and David hanging out

My company during middle of the night feedings :)

New Sunday morning routine: Walking to the grocery store with Nolan in the baby bjorn. We get our grocery shopping done early in the morning. The store is quiet and there aren’t any deli lines! Nolan enjoys the walk and loves to look all around in the grocery store. Every Sunday morning we also say hello to Ms. Carol. We play softball with her on Wednesday evenings and she works in the bakery at our grocery store. Hopefully, Nolan brightens her Sunday mornings at work. J

Stumbled across this bad boy this week. HAHA! That would be my sister and brother!

Little "yo" boy losing he pants

Watching the Bama game with his auntie

My adorable pregnant friends, Colleen and Aun :)

We had to get Brody a Ravens jersey!

Nolan with his cousin, Hayden

Ryan's cousin Brandi gave Nolan an ADORABLE longhorns outfit!

Playing with his buddy at Ms. Ginnie's. Being so big in theexersaucer!

Our neighbors gave us their daughters bouncey exersaucer to use! Nolan LOVES it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How 'bout dem O's!

I try to update my blog every Sunday. This weekend went by too quickly and it got away from me. Yes, everyone in the world loves weekends, but they seriously are the most amazing thing in the world. Nothing is better than getting to spend every minute with Nol. Every minute.

The Baltimore Orioles are on a hot streak playing for first place in the AL East and we were lucky enough to be in attendance this past Thursday as they took on the New York Yankees. They were honoring Cal Ripken Jr. at the game and we were surrounded by a sold out crowd. The most exciting part of the sell out was that everywhere you looked the stadium was surrounded by O's fans!!! Normally Yankees fans take over these games, but this was not the case. This was the most energetic game I've been too and Nolan was lucky enough to experience (& sleep through) it. After a good five innings or so of him looking around at all the bright lights, playing with our friends Jessie and Johnny and dancing to the music, he finally rested his eyes. He fell asleep laying across my legs awhile looking out at the field. Ryan and I like to think that he was 'actually' watching the game. ;) We left the game in the 7th inning the O's were winning 6-1. By the time we got to our car it was tied!!! We started driving and just then Adam Jones hit a homerun in the bottom of the 8th to go ahead! 2 more homeruns followed! They won the game and it was an exciting finish. We definitely left too soon. That's what we get for trying to be responsible parents and get home to put Nol to bed. He ended up not falling back to sleep until after the game was over because he was just too happy about the win.
Friday morning I was looking at Nolan sleeping in his bassinet and it was at that moment I realized that he needed his crib. I guess I was just being selfish and in denial that Nolan did not have enough room in his bassinet to sleep comfortably anymore. I also felt like he needed his mommy by his side. Boy, did he prove me wrong! On Friday night we laid him down in his crib for the first time. Yes, you are correct, this was harder on mommy than baby. Nolan did not budge when we laid him down. Normally, he squirms to get comfortable, but he was already comfortable, probably because he was able to sprawl out. Sorry baby for keeping you in your bassinet longer than you needed. That night Nolan slept from 9:30pm-4-15am!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!? 6 hours and 45 minutes. I wish I wouldn't have been so paranoid and would have actually enjoyed that amount of sleep, but it's good to know he can make it that long. Although I am a little sad he doesn't need his bassinet anymore it is great that he is so comfortable in his crib! Keep it up Nol baby!
Saturday was a funfilled day! Nolan got to play with his cousins for a while at Pop Pop's house and then go to our friends house for a cookout! At Dylan and Callie's, "Mr Dylan" accepted our request to be the godfather. No more having to call him mister! He will now be forever known as the godfather. Nolan's godmother is my sister, Alaina. Now, we just need to set up his baptism. Hopefully that will be organized and happen by the end of October.

Football is back. That means sweat pants and hoodies, Ledo's pizza and relaxation :) Monday, Sept 10th: the first day that the weather felt like fall! Oh, and on Monday, when Ryan picked Nolan up from daycare he texted me "Nolan was an angel today". I guess sleeping in the crib at night really is having him more well rested and in an even happier mood. Way to go little boy!
PINTEREST: Last week was cheddar chicken bacon ranch pasta. It was good, we will probably make it again. The recipe says that it is a weight watcher's recipe. I don't think there was anything weight watchers about it. Actually, there is one step that says to pour the bacon grease into some pan or something. What? Gross. We skipped that step. Ok, Ryan skipped that step because he is really the person who made it. He normally does all the cooking in this household. I'm an ok cook, with a recipe...but I definitely prefer love baking! This week's pinterest recipe was zucchini boats. I liked these a lot more than the pasta dish. They were delicious! Both dishes were a success. It is great that my husband enjoys cooking. Hopefully, I can continue to convince him to keep trying new recipes! ;)

Dear Nolan,
You giggle, real giggles now. Ok, you did it once. Yup, you did it to me when we were out shopping (of course). Sorry, mommy takes you shopping a lot. She likes to act like we have money. One day you will say "I don't want to go shopping with mommy. I want to stay home and play with daddy." Therefore, I take  you with me all the time now. You love to be outside. When you are upset we normally go sit out on the front porch and you stop crying almost instantaneous. You love to go on walks! When I get stressed out at work I look at a picture of you and I am reminded its just a job, you are and will always be what matters. Getting ready each morning you ALWAYS give me the biggest smiles. When we drive to daycare and Ms. Ginnie's house each morning we always talk about Grammy. You are loosing your beautiful head of hair, but are still as handsome as can be.

Mommy loves you!
Nolan watching the O's!

I think we have had 1..maybe 2 smiles ever during bath time. He doesn't mind the bath. Just doesn't smile. Hopefully, that will change soon!

Taking a walk with David and Ms.Ginnie!


Nol hanging out with the Jackson's!

Laying on my lap and watching the game!

9/7/12 - Just a little crammed ;)

9/7/12 - First night in his crib!

Good morning!

Playing with his cousins!

Nolan and Hayden cooperated! Lincoln..not so much, lol!

Hanging out with friends on Saturday evening (first time facing outward in the baby bjorn!)

Can't get much cuter than this!

Thanks for inviting us over Aunt Callie!

Are you ready for some football?!

Mommy loves the Ravens. Daddy loves the Cowboys.
Nolan is neutral!


Cheddar chicken bacon ranch pasta

Zucchini boats