Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our beach vacation

Haven't blogged in forever.

This will be short, but SUPER long (pictures). Another summer vacation spent at Sunset Beach, North Carolina and it could not have been any more perfect.

This year, we left at 4:00am and it was the best decision we could have made. After many pit stops along the way (it's fun traveling with kids) we made it into Sunset around 1:00pm. We had a sit down lunch because we couldn't check into our beach house until 4:00pm. I decided to call and see if there was any chance our house was ready early. The conversation went like this, "we just received confirmation your house was ready at 1:38pm, and its 1:39pm. Stop by anytime to pick up your keys." Insert HUGE smile! We made our way over the bridge and onto the island to pick up the keys. Apparently my sister didn't hear me when I said, you go grab the keys and we will head straight to the house to start unloading. Soo, we both pulled into the driveway asking where the keys were.

We ended up having Saturday as an extra beach day!! We had a great vacation, see (pretty much every picture we took) photo album below:

Shopping for the trip --- donuts.

Finally showing him the donuts.


Obsessed with throwing pennies into fountains. His wishes: cupcakes.

My attempt at the $30 hair do Hayden wanted at Broadway at the Beach :)

Passed out on the way to dinner and would NOT wake up.

Then he did finally eat and we were off to Broadway at the Beach....again.

We decided to do individual shots of the kids. I think the 3 year old nailed it.

Such a goof.

This totally looks like Lincoln may have been the reason we tipped over...

I love this beach.

Our last sunset at Sunset Beach

Bye bye beach, see you next year.