Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day!

Rise and shine its Father’s Day! This means I need to wakeup early and make breakfast in bed for Nolan to take to Ryan right? Well, I would have if Ryan didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to drive around to 8 different softball fields to check the conditions and try to repair them for our Sunday league to get their playoff games in. Thankfully, they were unplayable and so our Father’s Day plans quickly changed. We decided that we would kick start the day with me trying to make Ryan breakfast, but him being 1 step ahead of me seriously the entire time. Then you know, awhile I was getting Nolan dressed for the day Ryan threw a load of laundry in and I tried to get him to stop, but he didn’t listen.

Since we no longer had softball games on our agenda wethought we would go to the Orioles game, but they only had standing room tickets available—no thank you. We stopped over to see my dad for a little while and hung out there until lunch time. Then we headed to Mission BBQ in Canton and ate outside. It was such a beautiful day and the food was DELICIOUS. After lunch our little monster was in desperate need for his nap. We went home and tucked him in and then I mowed the lawn awhile Ryan sat back, enjoyed a cold drink and apparently snapped a photo to post on facebook. (Thanks, babe.)

Nolan and I decided it would be fun to give Ryan the gift of jumping for Father’s Day (along with a few other great presents!). We ended our evening spending an hour at Sky Zone jumping around as a family and having a blast.

I hope Ry had a great Father’s Day because Nolan and I sure did have a fun time spoiling him. We love you and appreciate everything you do for our family. You are our everything.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially the many men in my life that are AMAZING father’s to their kiddies. You all deserve this day to sit back, put your feet up and soak in the love.....and eat a piece of homemade peanut butter tandy cake! :)


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jake & the Neverland Pirates 2nd Birthday Party!

A look inside Nolan's 2nd birthday party! 
Theme: Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Step 1 to throwing a Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday party means going shopping and trying on silly masks and hats!

I had a lot of fun creating these X marks the spot goodie bags! So simple and they turned out so cute!

The pirate themed contents to the goodie bags included pirate bubbles, ring pops for jewels, plastic hook, pirates booty, pirate stickers and water bomb balls! 

Everyone also got a homemade telescope, just like Jake's! I cut pool noodles from the dollar store and wrapped them in electrical tape!  

Step 2 to throwing the party meant I needed a few fun games for the kids to play. One of my very, very talented front desk staff at work created this board for me to use as a bean bag toss game we called "Feed the Croc".
Feed the Croc bean bag toss game

Nolan painted this one! :) Hook toss aka ring toss!
Lastly, I also purchased a ton of ball pit balls on craigslist and used an inflatable pool as a ball bit filled with different "treasures" and the kids had to 'Find the Buried Treasure'. Don't worry, I disinfected and cleaned every ball pit ball before I brought them to the party. 

Aunt Lainy, Grandma and I made cupcakes! 

Jake cake thanks to Ms Carol! :)

Food table

And now a ton of party pictures!!! 
Thank you to everyone that came out and celebrated our handsome little boy turning 2 years old.

The birthday boy!!!

Quinny was doing great hula hooping!

Playing ball with Uncle Chuck!

We needed to open a present mid-party so he could continue his baseball game. He got his very own set of bases and is using them daily!!

Handsome boy chowing down on watermelon!

Look who is here!


Linc looked more excited!

Nolan asks me daily to go play with Taylor!

Cutie pie!

Sweet little Carter!

Look Pop Pop a lollipop!

So we gave them the peeps....from Easter!

Notice the bag of peeps is on the ledge and they are running away. I snapped this and turned around. That is all I will say, but Jenna I am SORRY!!!!!!!

He loved blowing out the candles!

I think Connor liked the cake :) 

Hugs for Uncle Mikey!

Now it is Aunt Gins turn to play ball!

And Grandma's turn!

And Grandpas too!

Colin liked the ball pit!

Sweet Eliza!

I was proud of capturing this!!

Next year these two will add another little boy to the party mayhem!! I can't wait!! 

Jamie, please make this your FB profile picture.

I have like 17 of this picture and this was the only one where we are all looking!

We weren't successful on these ones, but still cute!

SK '03 - Love you girls forever and ever. 

Lily was "sleeping" SO CUTE!

"Yo ho, let's go!"

Best friends since we met 18 years ago! (Holy crap, did I count that right?? 18 years!)

Love this picture!

Play fetch with Carter!

Nolan and Aunt Theresa!

Kisses for Aunt Peggy!

Great picture!!

He loves his Auntie!!

Another awesome picture!

Nolan is making Pop Pop's face! ;)

My loves, my life.

And we are home! Pants off, dance off.

Thank you so much Aunt Peggy for the quilt you made for Nolan. I am obsessed with it. He has it on his big boy bed and sleeps with it every night! 

The next morning we were still opening presents. Little boy is so loved. Thank you everyone!

Overall, the best day. It was so much fun watching all the kids run around and play together. Nolan was spent when we got home and went to bed rather early without making a peep. 

Excited to see what this upcoming year has in store for our little guy. He has already transitioned to his big boy bed and that was beyond smooth. Next step will be potty training. I wasn't too scared about the bed transition, but the potty training. Yeah, that scares me.