Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dear Nolan ~ 23 Months

Dear Nolan,

In just one month you will officially be 2 years old, or as you like to say “I gonna be two later” and you hold up your two little fingers up proudly. :) In this past month we have fully experienced what is referred to as the “terrible- twos.” You my child are a little sour patch kid. You can go from Mr. Attitude to the sweetest loving little boy in the drop of a dime. You can be the biggest grump ball and spend alot (and I mean A LOT) of time in time out, or you can be so helpful and follow direction so nicely. I am glad you are getting this out of the way now because I am hopeful that it will be smooth sailing once you understand. Then again, I guess it isn’t a short process getting a child to understand that they need to listen to Mommy and Daddy. Oh man, bring on the wine or in your case, whine.

Attitude and all, we continue to have so much fun with you. I love having little conversations with you. It is so amazing to listen to you tell me about your day. Once of my favorite things that you sayabout everything we do is referring to it as “time”. What I mean by that is, if it is time to watch a TV show you excitedly say, “TV time” or “playground time,”“milk time,” “book time,” everything. It is cute! You also like to narrate your life in the third person. Everything is always, Nolan do this and Nolan do that.

Doing your silly walk

You are learning to cover your mouth when you cough.You say bless you when someone sneezes and you are learning to blow your nose! Seriously, teaching a child to blow their nose is so difficult, but you are starting to get it!

You love to jump. You love to show off how you can balance on one foot when holding on to something. You have done a somersault a few times, but are still perfecting it. You like to find your shadow and then say hi to it. You love sports. When there is a sport on TV you always ask to play it. When we walk by a court, you want to play on it. Just the other day we walked by a tennis court and you asked to “play that.” You are curious, and I love it. You sit and observe and soak everything in. This is why I think you have an awesome baseball swing and you aren’t even two yet. Because you watch, listen and are determined. You went to your first Orioles game of the season with daddy and lasted 5 innings then told daddy you wanted to go home and take a nap.

First HCRP class!
And his 2nd HCRP class! This one is ongoing! Although he is the youngest in these classes he is holding his own!

I think I have blogged about your eating habits on every monthly post I have done for you, and here we are at 23 months and I will report that you still are super picky. You LOVE macaroni and cheese, but seriously who doesn’t? You have a few other foods we can get in you, but veggies are still nearly impossible. Actually your daddy and I trick you and we make you pizzas and macaroni and everything and will mix pureed veggies into them and you haven’t seemed to notice. So you do get some in you, but I wish we could get more in you.

My dear sweet constipated little boy, we may have finally found the solution to your lack of pooping. Miralax powder aka the miracle powder. Yes, it is a laxative, but used correctly and moderately we have got you to poop six days in a row. This may be TMI for those that read this blog, but if you have a child that does NOT poop then you know how AMAZING this accomplishment is! We have honestly been going through more diapers and I couldn’t be happier! We don’t give him the Miralax every day, but we do put a little bit in his milk about once a week or so and it has been very helpful. If anything I hope it has taught him that he can go without it hurting. Once again, possibly TMI, but wanted to report this past months victory.

This is my last blog post referencing the number of months you are in age. I vowed that once you turned 2 years old I would refer to you as that age and not by months (you’re welcome, hubby!). In my opinion, I think it is ok to refer to a child in months up to 24 months because clothing is sized that way. Once you hit two years clothes are 2T, 3T, etc… and so you will be my big 2 year old. Your daddy on the other hand calls you a 1 year old now, and then will call you a 2 year old.

Tonight you found a puddle and on your own you began to splash and jump in it! I love watching you explore new things! I only wish I had put your rainboots on you! ;) 

Insisting on saying bye-bye to the puddle

It amazes me that you will be 2 years so soon, but at the same time I can’t recall what our life was ever like without you in it.You make us so happy and bring so much joy to our lives. We are so lucky to have you as our son.

And now, bring on the party planning!

I love you sweet baby boy!





Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter by lens

Leading up to Easter we have been keeping very busy. We had a friends Easter (FrEaster!) at the Woelper's, egg hunt at my work, Kids Fest and dying eggs and making Easter cakes with the cousins. Throw in a pile of birthday parties and that is how we have spent the past few weekends. Since I haven't updated in a long time I figure it would be best to do a "by lens" post!

Playing at Cader's 1st birthday party!
Egg hunt at mommy's work!
Dying Easter eggs with the family!
Nolan's first time making Easter cakes!
Kids Fest!
I am embarrassed by the size of his Easter basket. Calm down bunny.
I am embarrassed by the size of Nolan's Easter basket. Calm down bunny.
Kisses for Taylor. He was obsessed with playing with her all day!
There are a million more picture on our good camera! There are all my phone pictures! I will eventually upload the others! ;)
Overall, an amazing Easter and amazing month packed full of fun festivities with family and friends! I am loving the spring weather and being able to play outside. Here's to sunscreen, blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, baseball games, playgrounds and walking to the store (and snowball stand!!). Yay outside!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Nolan ~ 22 Months

Dear Nolan,

In two short months you will be a 2 year old. TWO. Two years old. I can't wrap my head around it. Ok, I can. I will tell you why...because this past month has been the month of At-ti-tuddeeeeeee. Yes, you my shy, lovable, little boy have come out of your shell. You are loud. You are goofy, sweet and cranky all in one. Just the other day when I picked you up from daycare your teacher told me that during naptime you are starting to play in your crib and get all the other kids riled up before you pass out! way, not my kid. Told you, out of your shell.

You are making me believe that the "terrible twos" are a real thing. I know you are not two yet, but I think we have reached this "phase". I am sorry that you seem to live in timeout lately, but we don't yell, we don't throw (unless it's a ball, then it is ok) and we don't get to demand candy for dinner. You are stubborn. You know what you want and you like to yell until you get it. That is not how it works though.

You can be very polite though. For example, if you don't want something (after you scream "no" 700 times) you will say nicely, "no, thank you". The other day when I sneezed you said "bless you, mommy".

You love to sing. At bedtime, we read books and then we rock and sing songs. It is so cute because now you always want us to sing together and we do just that. Our night time playlist consist of, "skinna marinky dinky dink", "twinkle, twinkle little star", "row, row, row your boat", "itsy bitsy spider", "happy birthday", ABC's", "1,2 buckle my shoe" and many more.

Aunt Aunnie introduced you to the song "Let It Go" from Frozen and you are obsessed. I think it is time we let you attempt to watch your first movie. You always ask to watch Let It Go and can sing along.

I ran to the bathroom for a few seconds and you managed to get into my phone and recorded your first and very hilarious video. I had no idea you did this and watched it not too long ago for the first time and laughed for about 10 minutes. Thank you for cracking me up, Nolie! <3

You love to jump, both on your trampoline and the ground. You love to play, baseball, football, soccer, catch, anything with a ball. You love bubbles and balloons. You are the world's best sleeper. You ask us to go to sleep. You actually don't like when we wake you up. You have said, "no, sleep!" to me before and rolled back over. You love your teddy bear. Last night, 3am to be exact, you started crying "teddy bear!! teddy bear!!". You were still asleep, but could not find teddy bear. Daddy went in your room and found him at the other end of your crib and tucked him under your arm. You stopped crying for him and carried on sleeping

You are so funny and we just can't get enough of you. You make us laugh. You melt our hearts. You are our everything.

And now, I need to go start planning your 2nd birthday party ~ Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Although, at this point I don't know if you love Jake or Dora more.

I love you so much big boy!