Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dear Nolan ~ You're growing too fast!!

Dear Nolan,

I haven't written anything on here in far too long. Farrrr toooo loooonggg.

The things you say these days crack us up. I mean seriously, you are a funny kid. You know how to be cheeky and when you are doing something you shouldn't you know how to turn on the charm, give us a huge smile or ask "are you happy?" It is very safe to say that from the moment you came into our lives you have had us wrapped around your tiny little finger.

You are coming up on your last week of art class for the winter. We wanted to do something other than a sports class with you, and you really seem to like it. You are in the class with Lily and it is a lot of fun to watch the two of you work on your little projects and then hold them up for us after class together. You will be starting tee ball in April. I am pretty certain you will be the very youngest in the league, but I do not doubt that you will have fun. Daddy signed up to be your coach. I think it's pretty safe to say that he will continue to sign up to be your coach all along the way as you grow. Your girlfriend, Quinn signed up to play too! I am looking forward to seeing the two of you in your uniforms together. :)

You have a love for learning. You really enjoy when we read books, writing and your memory seriously amazes me. You memorize full books and recite them back to us and you will talk about stuff that happened months ago. Sometimes we don't even remember and you have to further explain things to us, and you do just that. You have been learning how to write letters. You can write your name in all capital letters.

You have quite an imagination. You are all about pretend play. You used to have to bring teddy and Elmo with you at all times, but since Valentine's Day you kicked them to the curb for puppy. Teddy and Elmo still sleep with you every night, but you don't play with them like you used to. Now it's all about puppy. You love to have conversations with him, feed him, play fetch and make him do tricks. He goes everywhere with you. At one point you named him "old McDonald had some pants, oye, oye, oye" (courtesy of Dora), but you really just call him "puppy" now.

Speaking of Dora, you love her. She does teach you Spanish, but we watch Dora every single morning. Every one of them.

You used to be a rockstar with bedtime, but every since before Christmas you insist on having me rock you to sleep. We thought it was because of your fear of Santa, but after Christmas it never stopped. Here we are at the end of March and you still aren't sleeping like the superstar that you used to be. You actually are like a little newborn some nights and will wake up 3x throughout the night. It's awful. Please stop. When we ask you why you are waking up you look at us with those big brown eyes and say "because I just miss you."

Your favorite foods are mac and cheese, French toast, bananas with peanut butter, chicken nuggets and anything with sprinkles on it. The only vegetable we can get in you is green beans. You still will not try different foods for us. There are so many foods you have never had because you have ridiculous tantrums at the thoughts of us even showing the food to you. God forbid, we ever put it on your plate. One day though...I will be patient.

Overall, you are a happy boy. You love to be outside and run around and play. Having a few days this week with 60 degree weather has really spoiled all of us. You love to play baseball in the backyard and get excited (as do we) when you hit the ball over the fence (off the pitching machine!).

You are the best thing that has ever happened to us and we love you to pieces little boy!!!!