Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Madelyn ~ 6 Months 💕

Dear Madelyn,

Half a year. That flew right on by. Our sweet Maddie girl, you are such a joy and I don't even remember what life was like without you in it (ok, I vaguely remember sleeping and running around less in the morning, but I still wouldn't have it any other way!!). 


At 6 months Maddie is 15.5 lbs (32%) 26.5 in (72%) and has a big head (80%). 😃 At 6 months Nolie was 17 lbs 4 ozs (37%) and 27.8 inches long (82%). They both appear to be following in the tall and skinny department.


Buggy has been trying all kinds of new foods and seems to love them all. If I had to pick I would say sweet potato is her favorite so far! She also enjoys chomping on puffs, mum mums and her frozen teethers. She doesn't have any teeth yet. I love her little gummy smile. ☺️


Giggling is her favorite! She also loves to say "dada dada dada " over and over! She loves to play peekaboo and I swear she is starting to wave hello. 


You used to sleep like a little champ, but this past month I've gotten used to your routine of bed at 7pm, wake up around 1am to nurse for 6 minutes (seriously no more, no less), back to bed and wake again around 5:30 for another 6 minute session and then back to sleep until 7ish! Some days you're good to me and skip the 5:30, but you really love that 1am. I honestly feel like I shouldn't complain because you normally stay asleep through it all. 😇 ...but mama can still wish for more sleep. 😴

You love taking in everything this crazy world has to offer and we love watching you grow into such a big girl. You're big brother loves to play with you and make you smile. The other day he told me he can't wait to teach you to play baseball and tennis. You have a sports filled future ahead little girl. I hope you're ready because Nolan can't wait for you to be able to play with him!  


You are such a happy little bug and we love you to pieces!!! 


First time in a high chair at a restaurant and shopping cart

And a few more pics of the cuteness, 









Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Fun 🍂🍃🍁

For us, fall is all about pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple picking and cider donuts. Our weekends have been just that, and I love it! Maddie girl is having fun partaking in all these brand new adventures and Nolan, well he's having a blast! I feel like every year the month of October zooms right by. We didn't have a single weekend at home and the baby hasn't had but a few naps in her crib, but come November things will slow down. For now we are enjoying all things pumpkins and Sundays are spent watching our little slugger on the baseball field. Before we know it fall ball will come to an end and our pumpkin patch visits will come to a haut. 

It was a busy month, but we have had so much fun making new memories! 



Oh yeah, we even had a fun play date at the bowling alley with the Springmann's! 🎳



And we celebrated my birthday with far too many delicious sweet treats 😋



And Aunt Barb flew in to PA, so we embarked on Maddie's first trip to PA and we were able to spend time with the entire family!




And it wouldn't be fall without all the farm fun I talked about. Seriously, how big does this kid look? <Cue the ugly cry>











We went apple picking with Aunt Lainy on the world's windiest day ever! The kiddos were bundled and ready!











My favorite Aunt Lainy and Nolan picture ever...



And wrapped up the final October weekend jam packed with truck or treat, school fall festival/trunk or treat and Sam and Justin's baby gender reveal party! But before we did all that I spent Friday at school with Nolan on his field trip to the farm. It was so fun to watch him with his school friends and a reality check at just how big he really is!





Of to explore all the cool trucks and tractors at Truck or Treat! 🚔🚒🚜 My sister and I took Nols to this event and left daddy and Maddie back to rest up for the remainder of the long day!




The only time you ever sit in the back of a police car, mister. 



And then we stood in line to sit in the fire truck....and he got tired... and we got up for his turn....and he didn't want sat with him. 🙈🚒

Then, we were off to pick up daddy and sister and head to Nols school for their fall festival and trunk or treating! 


And we ran into Lily and Connor!




We had one more exciting stop to end our day! But Nolan was getting worn out...

We were off to Sam and Justin's baby gender reveal! We were to wear orange if we thought it was a girl and black for a boy. Maddie and I rocked the orange vote and the boys wore the black. We then carved pumpkins and they lit them all and reveal either a blue or pink glow stick to reveal the gender to everyone. It's a..........

.....BOY!!! 💙








How cute are these??? One of Aunt Gin's masterpieces 

And then before we knew it Halloween was here. I had the best day volunteering at Nolan's party, watching him in his costume parade and then later that evening playing with his besties and trick or treating! The kids were so into it this year and the littlest ones were so well behaved watching the big ones on a sugar high! I love, love, love Halloween!!!




No tears this year for our sweet Superman {the Nolan insisted wears a mask...} 

Superman by day, magician by night!💫
I was so proud of my dessert☺️












Love these couch full of kiddos so much!!!!!!

Halloween together from 2013-2016 ❤️🎃👻

October was jam packed with so much fall fun, I look forward to the many more memories we will create this November as we continue to celebrate many more first for sweet Madelyn Ann! 

Happy November! 🦃