Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter was Maddie's last "first" holiday. We had a great day, but our sweet baby girl had a rough afternoon. The morning started out wonderful. It was calm, we watched the kiddos tear into their Easter baskets and Nolan went on an egg hunt. We had pancakes for breakfast and daddy was quite the artist making all kinds of fun festive shaped pancakes. Maddie took an amazing 2 hour morning nap. We didn't go to Church because of naptime this year. When baby girl woke up we are a small lunch and headed over to Pop Pops house for Easter dinner and egg hunting! 






Making the same face. 😂





Around 4pm Maddie became extra cranky and pretty much inconsolable. :( At first we thought she was just tired for missing her afternoon nap, then we debated her having bad allergies (which I am still convinced she has) and it wasn't until the middle of the night that night that I remembered I gave her some of my smoothie I had for lunch and it had fresh strawberries in it. We were avoiding strawberries with her because she had a few rough nights after eating them. Sadly, I think my smoothie was the reason behind our sweet girl feeling miserable during Easter. 



Other than tending to a super fussy almost 1 year old, the day was still great! We spent the day with the family and my bestest friend and her adorable family (who, let's be honest, really is our family)! Nolan had a blast! He jumped on the trampoline with the girls nonstop and they were super cute and quick with their annual egg hunt! 








These two. They have so much in common! 😂










As always, Aunt Lainy made a super cute and extra delicious dessert and we left that night with full bellies, and extra full hearts! ❤️

Pop Pop cuddles before heading home. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter too! 🐇💐🐇

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dear Madelyn ~ 11 months!

Dear Madelyn, 

In just 1 short month you will be a 1 year old. Where has the time gone? This has been the fastest 11 months. 


You bring us so much joy every single day. Lately you continue to hate sleeping through the night. You just don't do it. I wish I could say you were teething or something, but you still have your 2 little teeth and that's it. You just enjoy seeing mama in the middle of the night, but sweet girl mama misses her sleep. 


You love to copy Nolan. I think you guys like to see who can be the loudest because it is always just loud chaos when you 2 are together. Nolan also loves having crawling races with you! Most recently your favorite thing to do is crawl under the dining room table and have Nols chase after you. You both crack up and it melts your daddy and I into a puddle. It's so fun watching you play and giggle like crazy together. 



You still love food. There really isn't much you haven't tried and you don't seem to like. Food is so easy with you and I thank you for that! 



You love to pull yourself up and stand. You don't really like to try to take steps though. I'm ok with that, you will when you are ready. 


You love basketball, blueberries, kissing everything, finding your nose and putting everything in your mouth. I call you our little puppy because you always crawl by with something in your mouth. 






We love you SO much baby girl!