Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why did I start to blog?

The mommy blog. Millions exist and yet none of them are the same. The reason I started to blog was because I wanted a way to scrapbook Nolan growing up. I have always been into scrapbooking. When Ryan and I started dating I had made him a scrapbook for each year we dated. When we got married, I let our wedding album be the scrapbook. Then I slowly turned to technology and used websites to design different scrapbooks. When I became a mommy I knew I would want to document Nolan’s every move. My best friend, Aun has an adorable little blog, My Attempt at Motherhood, about her mommy experiences as well as lots of other exciting stuff and she inspired (and designed) my blog!  
I am not religious about blogging. I try to do it once a week, but what is most important to me is that I capture the milestones. Honestly, I blog for me. I truthfully don’t think that anyone really reads my blog, but I do get excited when someone tells me they do!
Another reason I blog is because it gives me a place to share 428520981 pictures of my child without flooding facebook/instagram/ twitter with upload after upload. HELLO, my blog is about MY CHILD; I can post however many picture I want and not get the stink eye! Well, maybe I do get the stink eye, but I don’t see you doing it and really like I said, I didn’t even know you were reading this, so thank you!
Our family is all over the place and having a blog gives me a way for them to watch Nolan grow up. They can share in the exciting moments, such as Nolan saying his first word, or learning to crawl. They can enjoy pictures and videos and read about our latest adventures. I think in a way this makes them closer to Nolan because they know what is going on with him!
I love blogging because I get to be myself and write about anything I want. For example, last night getting Nolan ready for his bath he was standing up leaning on me and the bathtub in his diaper while the water was filling up. He was so excited to get into the bathtub and when I took off his diaper he decided it was a good time to pee…all over me! I haven’t been peed on in months. Lots of months.  I think that is the reason why my reaction time was, well...awful. Pee was everywhere and Nolan was grinning from ear to ear as I jumped up screaming. It was pretty funny.  
I hope to look back on this short story with Nolan one day and reminisce about this ONE time. Ha, ok we know that it happened a lot more when he was younger. It felt like it was every diaper change, but this was the first time it happened pre-bath time and with my almost 14 month old.    
Simple experiences like this are a part of the reason why I hope to continue blogging.    

For some reason my iPad won't let me scroll down so hopefully my pictures are displayed below.
Picture one is no shorts Nolan walking with Chuggins. He took 15-20 steps holding the leash yesterday! Way to go Nolie!
The next set of pictures are from pajama night at the library with Nolan's cousins. It was adorable the danced to songs, listened to stories and did a craft. Nolan danced, clapped and had so much fun!
Lastly, Nolan's newest obsession is froggy-O that sits out front. He insists on walking to him and trying to lift him out of the ground. We also do a lot of waving hello and goodbye to froggy-O!

Nolan decided walking was easy as long as something is in his hand. He took about 15-20 steps out of nowhere holding on to Chugs leash! And yes, he is not wearing any pants. (7/29/30)


Sunday, July 28, 2013

NYC by lens








Meanwhile back home,