Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Maddie goes to daycare

Just a few weeks shy of 5 months old our sweet little girl has began daycare. 😭 With Madelyn being born in May, Ryan took off when she was born, went back to work to finish the school year and then we were all home together for the summer AND we were fortunate enough this go around that he used his leave to spend the month of September with her. It was #daddymaddiemonth and let me tell you, he is the best house wife ever. Drop off and pick ups for Nolan, happy baby, laundry done, dishes done, dinner cooked. Ah-mazinggg. (Ok, who am I kidding, take drop offs off the list and he is just as awesome all year long). That's right ladies he cooks.....and cleans (for the most part). 😜 
 To say these past 5 months have been amazing would be an understatement. We are just a few days back into our "routine" and awhile I have managed to get myself and both kids up, fed and out the door on time I really don't see a perfect record in my cards. Most of my morning consists of me repeating "Nolan, eat!" and I have already had to feed him pancakes in the car, but we will take it one day at a time and soak up those weekends to their fullest.



Madelyn has had a great first week so far. She is going to the same daycare Nolan went to. We were SO happy when they told us they had a spot and we made sure to grab it as fast as we could. She is being an angel baby for them with her happy personality and superb napping skills (that she didn't really have for daddy). They all remember Nolan and so far each of them has told us she looks like baby Nolan. 😊 I hope she loves it there just as much as Nols did and makes so many new little friends. In the meantime, I will anxiously await my reports of her day from two year old, Zachary that informs his mommy that Maddie slept, "eat milk" and didn't cry or smile. I think he's pretty darn good at his reports! Although, Maddie will need to work on smiling more at Zach so we can get that changed! 🙃🙂 




Looking like a chunky babe having fun on her first day! 😊

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Madelyn is 4 months old!

Madelyn Ann, you continue to be everything we prayed for. You have the sweetest little smiles and this month you began giggling! You want to see everything that is going on and you try extremely hard to sit up and check everything out. 


We think you are starting to recognize your name. You hear it and will turn to us, but then again you could just be reacting to our voices. 

Look at that double chin!! :) 

You continue to be amazed by your big brother. You love to watch his every move and will roll over and twist your head back as far as possible to keep your eye on him. 


He is so good with you. Like, better than we could have imagined. He's gentle. He sings to you. He reads to you. He brings you toys. He's your biggest cheerleader. Seriously, when you roll over or giggle he runs to tell us because he is just so proud of you. He teaches you. He adores you. He protects you. ❤️ 

You are our little chatterbox. Much like your brother at a very young age, you discovered you can make noise and you love to do just that. You can get pretty loud too!  

You have already started to show an interest in food. I'm not ready for this yet. You are my itty bitty baby so I'm just going to hold off on introducing you to food for at least another month or so. Sorry, bug. 


Keep smiling sweet girl because you truly are the sweetest little blessing and you are the perfect addition to our family. 


We love you so much Maddie girl!!! 😘

4 month stats:
Height: 24.8 inches - 63%
Weight: 12 lbs 14 ozs - 21%
Head: 40.6 cm - 50%

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sunset Beach

We went on vacation!!! ....over a month ago. We went on our annual family trip to Sunset Beach in North Carolina and it was Madelyn's first beach trip. She did great and loved every bit of vacation, just like the rest of us. Before we set off, Aunt Barb flew in for a visit and she met Maddie for the very first time!


Traveling 8 hours in the car with an almost 3 month old was actually surprisingly not bad. We had pit stops for diaper changes and feedings, but also having a 4 year old I think most of those stops were for the better so he could go to the bathroom and stretch out his legs!

We didn't know how Maddie would do sleeping in the pack n' play but girlfriend did not disappoint. She was still an amazing sleeper then (now, not as much). I envisioned being up every few hours with her, but that was not the case! She would sleep all night, vacation was so great!

Aside from our very first day at the beach which resulted in my taking a trip to the pharmacy for an antibiotic (thank goodness they kick in so fast) and the beach being so windy a few days that cause our 10x10 canopy to snap, all was well.

Next year should be even better as we extended the invite to the Grubb family and majority of the crew has already committed to tagging along! Woohoo!!

*****I have a million more pictures on my phone that I will upload once I dump them to my computer.*****