Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Nolan,

Dear Nolan,
You are getting so big, so fast! We had your 6 month check up (Yes, you are 6 ½ months already, but it is the earliest appointment we could get) yesterday and you were a little champ. You had to get 3 shots. After the first shot you cried, and then the next one you continued to cry. The third shot hurt you the most and left you sobbing. Right after the nurse finished both Daddy and I consoled you. You calmed down pretty quickly and were fast asleep by the time you were in the car to go home.
You are weighing in at 17 lbs 4 ozs (37%) and 27.8 inches long (82%). I call you my little string bean!
You are eating real foods now (which is making for interesting diapers now…). You have had squash, which is your favorite. You have also had green beans, peas and this week we introduced carrots. Like the peas, you are not a fan of carrots. You are such a picky eater (like your mama) and you haven’t even been exposed to many foods yet.

The other night we were in your room playing and I put you on your little slide. You decided to start to scoot and figured out how to go down the slide! It was beyond adorable to watch you scoot forward with your arms out to me. No matter what you do, you always have me smiling. Watching you sit and play with all your toys amazes me. You figured out that the wheels on cars and trucks spin. You love toy rings. You actually prefer to not have a toy clipped to them. You like to pull them apart. When you play in your exersaucer we hang rings around each hook and you work your way around each one ripping all of the rings off.  
You still do not have too big of an interest in crawling, but I am not too worried about that. Mommy and daddy aren’t ready to baby proof the house yet. You will last about a minute on your belly before fussing, but will sit or stand up and play forever. Daddy thinks you are going to skip crawling.
You love dogs. You think that Chuggins is hilarious. You look for him and will crack up laughing when he barks.

You love music, specifically Bob Marley. This past week when we were dancing you started to bounce along. Adorable. 

No teeth yet.


Nolan meets Santa Claus
Christmas 2012

And some pictures to show what we have been up to lately:
Christmas crafts that Nolan & Aunt Ginnie made!
Handprinted Santa and MistleTOES

Nolan's cousin, Lincoln turned 4 years old! This is the best/least blurry picture I got of him...
I guess I can look forward to plenty of pictures like this is my future ;)

Christmas parties!
Nolan has not partaken in

Sunday swimming at the gym awhile Daddy plays basketball

Morning playtime awhile getting ready for work/daycare

Nolan's has added lunch time cereal to his afternoon.
This was his first time eating cereal with Aunt Ginnie

Shopping with my adorable Goddaughter and her mama!
Quinny is "throwing her hands in the air, and waving them like she just don't care" haha, love her!

Saturday morning trip to the Amish Market to meet Aunt Callie and GF Dylan

Amish Market

Nolan getting kisses from Chuggy

Yes, its December, but in this house we are always ready for baseball season!

Sitting, playing, looking handsome, you know..the usual! 

His cuteness kills me

Nolan asking Roxy if he can sit in her dog bed!


When did you get so big and feed yourself so easily?  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our trip to Disney World!

On Thursday we flew to Orlando, Florida to meet Ryan’s parents for vacation in Disney World. We had been planning this trip for over a year and it has quickly come and gone. We are so thankful for Grandma & Grandpa taking us on the trip and spending that time with them.

It’s funny, with a child all the things I would have normally worried about remembering to pack for myself only revolved around my baby. I threw some different outfits and toiletries into my suitcase and was done. For Nolan, I was running all around the house like a crazy person with my list making sure we had more than enough for him. Outfits for all weather, diapers/wipes, baby shampoo & wash, his own bath towel and wash cloths, pack n’ play sheet, bibs, bottles, gas drops/gripe water, toys, books, and monitor, just to name a little bit. I am happy to say that the only thing I can think that we I forgot was my hair straightener! Nolan had more than enough and 4 suitcases later (yes 4!) we made our way to the airport.
We boarded the plane and Nolan was ready for his bottle. Before he could fuss we had the bottle ready and gave it to him. We were a little panicked because we tried to hold off until take off, but just hoped that it would last long enough. The only thing I was really nervous for were his ears on the plane, but Nolan ended up falling sound  asleep in my lap on takeoff. He slept for about an hour of the flight. When he woke up he was happy and content with his toy. We actually got a compliment from the gentleman sitting behind us when we landed that we all deserved a congratulations for how well Nolan did on the plane. Phew!

When we got to the resort we were greeted by Ryan’s parents and excited to have made it to our destination! We went to the following parks during our stay, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom & Epcot! We saw the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and saw decorations for the holidays all throughout the parks. The weather was amazing; it got up into the 80’s a few days. The lines were short for rides, amd I think the longest we stood in any line may have been 30 minutes, if that. We rode several rides multiple times. The ride I feared the most was the Tower of Terror. Of course, Ryan made sure to get me on that ride, not once or twice, but 3 times! I have to admit for as scared as I was, it was pretty fun, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have to tug my arm each time to get me back on it! Nolan even went on some rides. He went through the safari and saw the animals, rode on Toy Story with Grandma and Grandpa, we all experienced It’s a Small World and he rode Dumbo!

My highlight for Nolan was having him meet the characters. Mickey Mouse spent a good amount of time with him and it was adorable! He got his picture taken with the characters and princesses. He even was called “princess” a few times. We just laughed because well…we know that he is a pretty boy.

Nolan got his own Mickey ears! They had infant sized hats, but it was still huge on him. He will eventually grow into them though!

We really are so thankful for Ryan’s parents taking us on this trip. We had so much fun with them and hope they enjoyed our company as well. Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa for EVERYTHING!!!

We took A LOT of pictures...this isn't even half of them!!

The Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios:

Nolan slept  through all the light shows!

So awesome!

Getting ready for another fun day at the parks:

Blurry :(

Deep in thought! Haha

Downtown Disney:
Made out of legos!



We ate at Earl of Sandwich (located behin the tree) Yum!

Magic Kingdom:

That girl really had to take a picture at that very moment and stand right behind us...awesome. ha!

Grandma, what are you looking at? ;)

 It's A Small World!
Ryan is clearly amused.

Riding Dumbo, notice the little hat..Nolan enjoyed the ride!

Love this picture!

Mickey blinks??? Captured it!

I absolutely loved that everything was so decorated for Christmas!

Animal Kingdom:

Nolan's favorite!

Mickey was SO CUTE with him!


Turkey legs!

Our first ever turkey legs!

Nolan so proud to take Grandpa's hat!

Nolan was asleep so Ryan and I went and met Tigger & Pooh



Love it!


Mickey's Very Merry Christmas at Magic Kingdom!
 The parade floats had different scents, like candy, christmas tree, hot cocoa, etc...
and they made it snow :)


Nolan slept through most of it.. hehe

This was during the fireworks

 Notice Nolan pulling on Rapunzel's hair

Nolan had fun.

*Side Note for anyone who ever plans a Disney trip with an infant? When it comes to nursing, I am a private person. If I am out in public I always try to have a bottle. If not, I go sit in my car, or find an empty room I can use. Traveling with an infant would have been a challenge, but Disney has Baby Care Centers at each park! They were wonderful. They had rooms for nursing mothers to use. Hollywood Studios even had private rooms! The rooms had rocking chairs for you to sit and nurse. They had changing rooms with padded changing tables, so you didn’t have to change them on the hard tables in the restrooms. They even had high chairs you could sit and use to feed your baby if needed. They were stocked with all kinds of baby supplies that you may possibly need (for a fee). It was nice going to the parks knowing that I could go and nurse and didn’t have to have bottles ready or sit on a bench in a crowded park. Disney = Amazing!

I am ready to go back!