Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sneak peek inside Maddie's Nursery and Nolan's big boy room!

The past few months have been devoted to transformation office/closet/storage for random crap room into little sisters nursery. Amongst taking on that project we decided to also upgrade Nolan to a big boy room. Thank goodness for his love of baseball and the Orioles we didn't need to paint his room. Although he was pretty adamant on having blue painted walls, but after a lot of convincing he agreed the Orioles room should just be orange and black, no blue accent wall needed. 
Here's a few pictures of sister's almost empty room with an open window to the hallway and some ugly old carpet. 
I should have taken some before pictures of Nolans room too but I am pregnant and just plain forgot. 

That exciting trip to Home Depot where you are so excited to envision what's about to happen!

Operation built in shelves for Maddie's nursery to close off the opening!

My father-in-law and Hubby knocked out this project so fast! I am SO happy with how it turned out. (Yes, that is Nolan in a baseball uniform because that's just what he does...daily) 

The cutest little helper in the world has been so excited to be involved in the preparations for his sister! 

I blinked and my amazing husband managed to paint her room! :) 

Thank you Pinterest for the color scheme I fell in love with for her room. 

And then the day I had been waiting for finally came.....
New carpeting in both Nolan and Maddie's rooms!!!! Nolan was equally as excited as me!!! 

So we took off our socks and danced and laid on the fresh new carpets! This is where it got really fun, time for furniture and decorating! We decided to do white furniture for sisters room which means we now have Nolan's old crib stored in our basement because this mama doesn't want to part with it quite yet. 

Seriously, that man is the best and his little sidekick was next to him the whole time (karate chopping the package paper, but there nonetheless). This also puts into perspective how tiny Madelyn's nursery is. Sorry baby girl!!

And let's not forget about Nolan's big boy room! We got his bed from ikea and new mattress from Costco (they sell Sealys!)

He was so excited and enjoyed the ride!

And now for the big reveal of both of their rooms! :)

Madelyn Ann's nursery:

Nolan James big boy room: 
Apparently I took this picture before the drawers in his bed were installed. They are there now, I promise. 

Aunt Gin made the bow board and mobile in Maddie's room (and SO much more). She also spoiled Nolan with his baseball wall decal and made him the adorable coat rack that we hang his hats and bath robe on. She is so talented!! We love you Aunt Gin!! 

Aunt Lainy spoiled Nolan with the Orioles light in his room!! He uses it as a night light every night!!

And lastly, 
The world's best husband bought a matching picture frame for Madelyn's nursery because all our babies need their Grammy always watching over them! <3 

Now, I just need a few more weeks to knock a few more things off my "to-do" list and get our bags packed up and then we will officially be ready to meet baby sister!!!!! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Surprised & Tickled Pink!

I don't get around to blogging much these days, but decided to give an update as to the latest happenings. At the beginning of March I kicked off my new Arbonne business. Auntie "Zu" (as Nolan likes to say) and Kylee flew in from Texas to consult my launch. We had a great girl's night and I learned more about the business and loved sampling all the products they have to offer. That same weekend, we had scheduled a girls day to go to a tea room. When I pulled into the driveway to pick up my sister I instantly knew I was not having tea. My sister and best friends surprised me with a baby sprinkle shower for our little girl. I was so surprised by the amount of people that flooded through my dad's house, all the decorations and the beautiful handmade cake my sister made!

I spent the afternoon surrounded by my closest family and friends and was overjoyed with how excited everyone is to meet the newest addition to our family in May. I can't thank everyone enough for spoiling our little girl! Little miss Madelyn received so many thoughtful gifts, outfits and homemade accessories for her nursery. She is so loved already!

I can't thank my sister and best friends enough for surprising me with such a wonderful day devoted to Madelyn. From the invitations to the games, and everything in between, you girls all took so much time to plan that perfect day and I am forever thankful to have you in my life and my babies lives.

The beautiful cake my sister made! Amazing!!

Aunnie made her first personalized item!! :)

Everything was decorated so lovely!

Surprised and overwhelmed by the amazing people in my life that planned the baby shower for me and the amount of people that flooded throughout my dads house!

This little boy is so excited to be a big brother and I can't wait to see him fit into the role, but at the same time it is so hard and scary to think about him not being my only little baby anymore!

I can't thank you girls enough!
Thank you!

Jessie only a few days away from meeting her daughter, Taylor!
Maddie & Taylor = BFF's!!! :)

I honestly spent all weekend with these girls and no one slipped! How did I not know about this secret you all were planning?! Next time Auntie Sue and Kylee come to MD we will all go to tea! :)

Madelyn is so very loved! We received so many generous gifts for our little girl -homemade gifts/quilts, personalized gifts, a mobile from Aunt Gin that incorporated angel wings so that Maddie's Grammy is always watching over her. 

Aunt Barb made a clothesline with the most adorable baby girl clothes and in the middle of the clothesline was my mom's pink O's hat that she got many years ago at a Mother's Day game my sister and I had taken her to. Instantly overwhelmed with emotion I thought of my mom outside gardening in that hat and felt so happy to have her as part of the special day. 

I really can't thank everyone enough for showering our little girl, spoiling Nolan in the process and including my mom. I have the most amazing people in my life.

Surprise is definitely the theme here because a few weeks later I walked into a meeting at work and was surprised to see that two of my co-workers and dear friends of mine had surprised me with a baby shower at work also! I know I said this already, but Madelyn is just so loved. I can't thank my co-workers enough for throwing me a shower to celebrate Madelyn!

We are only a few short weeks away and finishing the final touches on her nursery. I can't wait to post pictures and tour you through hew room. Stay tuned! :)