Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of Preschool

Today we dropped Nolan off at preschool. He is in the 3 year old program at St John's. Ryan and I prepared ourselves for a disastrous morning, but the preparations did not work for me. 

Early morning started off great! We took a lot of fun pictures outside and everything was going smoothly. Then, we turned into Nolan's new school... "I don't want to go, mommy!", "I want you to stay with me!", "No!!" and 2 little eyeballs watering up awhile yelling those things. 

We made our way into school. Nolan had a death grip on me and I just knew it would be awful, but he started off ok! He showed daddy his cubby, he hung up his name tag on the board and then he cried his eyeballs out. I mean hysterically cried. So, we left. :( I didn't want to, but knew we had to. Then, walking out the door of his room (which they had to shut to keep my crying child contained) I started to cry. My heart felt broken. 

Thank the good Lord my sister works at the same school. My little spy called me to let me know that Nolan took about 20 minutes to calm down, but then...he talked his teacher's ear off and made lots of new friends! His teacher also sent me a nice email in the afternoon to let me know about Nolan's day! :) 

The highlight of his day was playing outside and he told us a story about another kid kicking a ball that rolled down the street. 

Most importantly, he told us he wants to go back o school tomorrow and won't cry this time. We shall see! 
Popsicle social before his first day of school!