Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mario Party

Wake up!! You're 5!!!

This year was the first year Nolan asked for a party with his school friends. We booked a party at Play 'N Learn and they were AWESOME. We will definitely use them again! 

The majority of Nolan's class and all of our closest friends joined us for his birthday bash at the playground superstore and then we did a small family party with the cousins the following weekend! We got to stretch out Nolan's birthday an extra week and I am pretty sure he was stoked about that! 

On Nolan's actual birthday it also happened to be his very last day of preschool and their closing ceremony. After that we got frozen yogurt with some of his school friends and then the rest of the day was orchestrated by Nols. The items on his list included chic fil a for lunch, mini golf and batting cages. Pretty sure we did exactly this on his 4th birthday too, but hey the kiddo knows what he likes, so we did just that! Then we picked up baby sis and went to his baseball practice. After practice he stayed and played with Ryan for at least 45 minutes extra. We couldn't convince him to leave, even though he knew we had cupcakes and birthday gifts waiting for him at home! 




Nolan loved his teachers!!


Getting frozen yogurt with some friends 

He looked way too comfortable and I am officially terrified of the high school years.

A little too bright for a lunch picture 




That weekend we went to Play 'N Learn for his friend party and the theme of his choice this year was Super Mario! We all wore Mario shirts (mine was pajamas 🙊🙈) and we dressed Madelyn like Mario. That idea was cute and all but only lasted about 30 minutes before all the snaps to her overalls popped open. I guess that is what I get for putting her in her brothers 9m overalls. Haha! I tried. 

The cupcake cake did not disappoint. I think picking up the kids cakes for their birthdays is my favorite. I am always blown away and so excited about how they turn out. 

The party went perfectly. Nolan was a sweaty, tired, mess which meant it was everything he hoped it would be. 😃


{I have majority of party pictures on the camera and need to move them over and upload!}

The following weekend we had a small birthday party at Pop Pops with the family. The cousins all got together, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mark made the trip and brought the beloved Philadelphia soft pretzels we all devour and Drew and Dodi came with the kiddos! Nolan always has a blast when he gets together with all his cousins. The day consisted of a lot of jumping on the trampoline, playing baseball and eating the cutest Super Mario cupcakes made by the one and only Aunt Lainy!! So much fun and excitement that Nolan fell asleep awhile they came inside to cool off and play the wii. Sadly, Nolan falling asleep was a sign that he was about to get sick, but I must say that he had the most amazing week celebrating his 5th birthday!! Thank you to EVERYONE that celebrated with us!!! 💙💙💙💙💙


Aunt Lainy is so talented!! 💓🎂

I think it's safe to say he's an extra happy 5 year old. 💙

Nolan's 5 year stats- 
39.5 lbs - 39%
43.3 ins - 56%