June 2012 -
Hello world, Nolan's here! (6/1/12)
Released from the hospital and able to take you home (6/5/12)

July 2012 -
First Orioles game (7/14/12)

August 2012 -
Touched sand on the beach in Ocean City (8/7/12)
Learned how to suck his thumb (8/25/12)
First day of daycare (8/27/12)
Rolled over (8/29/12)

September 2012 -
Giggling (9/8/12)
Loves to go on walks & being outside

October 2012 -
Bedtime routine is in place 
Rolling over way too easily
Giggles are more like high pitched screeching
Nolan can sit!!! (10/21/12)
"Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" = giggle, giggle, giggle!
First rice cereal (10/29/12)

November 2012 -
Sitting and playing easily
Cracks up at the dog
Tried a pea on Thanksgiving (11/22/12)
First Squash (11/24/12)
Riding in a shopping cart like a big boy (11/25/12)
Mommy phase <3

December 2012 -
Disney World! (11/29-12/4)
First time flying was a success
Your menu includes: Squash, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots (you did not like them at first), Prunes & Apples
Peas are still gross
Favorite toy - rings/links
Gives high fives
If someone coughs you will mock them and cough back
When Daddy drinks from a cup you laugh at him
Peek-A-Boo is hilarious
Merry 1st Christmas
Flew to texas (impromptu trip) met your Great Nana and cousins for the first time
You are just turning 7 months old and have already flown twice, flown first class and visited 5 states (we promise this is not our normal life!)
Teething or growth spurt - I wish we knew!
You do not like your schedule interrupted aka Mommy & Daddy need to go back to work :(
Newest girlfriend, Lily was born (12/31)
Still in the Mommy phase <3
Not crawling, but you are rocking back and forth - we still think you will skip crawling and walk!

January 2013 -
Waves hello and goodbye
Know your name
Army crawling
Loves jumping
Went to your first structured class on 1/26/13 at My Gym
Still no teeth (which means I am going to assume you had a growth spurt in December)
Patty Cake and Peek-A-Boo = Happy baby!
There are a few nights when we place you in your crib to sleep and you wake up and will cry if we leave the room, but can just sit in your room and you fall asleep peacfully. You just like to know that we are still there, its cute. We will rub your head and you will go right to sleep.
You are now eating mixed veggies and fruits.

February 2013 -
You said your first word, “Mama” (2/11/13)
You are starting to like puffs and yogurt melts
We added protein to your variety of foods. You like chicken with veggies.
You went to 4 My Gym classes and were so good at all of them, but because of the classes you no longer like swings. I am hopeful that will change by the spring.
Crawling on knees, but when you want to move fast you resort to the army crawl
You are a little chatter box and can say, “mama”, “dada” and “chuggins”! You can associate who is who (which is why we count Chugs!) and if we ask you where Chuggins is, you will look right at him and say his name! (well...you attempt too say his name)
You make baskets in your basketball hoop (both left and right handed)
You still love to bounce and jump
We taught you how to play catch! You will roll the ball back and forth to us! (You have no idea how much this excited your daddy and I)
I taught you to shake things off the top of your head. It’s adorable!
Your favorite song is still “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC
Your giggle is contagious
Not a single tooth in that little gummy mouth!

March 2013 -
You are crawling all over the place
You love to pull yourself up and stand
Walking around the ottoman is one of your favorite things to do
You like to drop things off the ottoman, say "uh oh" and then bend over and pick them up
You "run" around the ottoman away from daddy and think its hilarious
Shadows and reflections are all kinds of entertainment
You are starting to feed yourself puffs, yogurt melts and waffle wheels
Stage 3 food....not good
Your vocabulary includes, "mama", "dada", "chug", "uh oh", "dog", "hi", "thank you" and we think you are starting to say "up"
You wave and say "hi"
Your lantern is probably your favorite toy right now
If we leave the room, you follow us
You play peek-a-boo with everything; blankets, your hat, the curtain, daddy's shoulder
You dance, well..you bop!
You can roll your tongue to make the "R" sound...(I can't even do that!)
You click your tongue
You stick out your tongue all the time
You give us kisses!!!!
When we ask how big you are, you raise your arms up because you are "so big!"

April 2013 -
Add the word "ball" to your vocabulary, or should I say, "baa"
Daddy and I swear you say, "I love you" and "thank you" when copying us! 
Dinner time is getting messy because you are attempting to eat big boy food, but somehow you always still end up demanding pureed foods
You love to crawl to the back door and yell "ehh" at Chuggins when he is running around outside
Opening and closing doors may be your favorite thing to do
You were pretty clingy to Mommy this month (but I don't mind!) :)
Cheerios are delicious
Walking with your walker is a daily activity
Daddy lets you climb the stairs
The drain in the bathtub fascinates you
We learned you love Mickey Mouse
"Stinky feet" is very funny to you

May 2013 -
Obsessed with drinking water from our glass
Everything is a phone and you put it up to your ear and say "hello"
You beg for whatever we are eating
Did you know 11 month olds can have temper tantrums?
Aunt Aunnie taught me how to make a fish face
Mommy and daddy's bed is so much fun
Climbing stairs daily

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